Thales awarded a contract to secure one of the world’s largest “greenfield” ports

Thales has been awarded a contract by the State of Qatar, on the 9th of March, to secure its new commercial port, one of the largest and most technologically advanced ports in the world.

Thales will deliver and install an integrated solution for the protection of the infrastructure and its environment, in addition to ensuring the operations of the New Port run safely.

A vital component of Qatar’s economic infrastructure, the New Port will comprise three container terminals with an eventual combined annual capacity in excess of six million containers per year. It will not only cater to the expected growth in container traffic, but will also accommodate general cargo traffic, offshore support, coast guard vessels, a marine support unit, imports of vehicles, livestock and bulk grain. In total, facilities at the New Port will stretch over 20km².

To secure the new commercial port, Thales is to provide a high technology integrated solution managed by a security command & control centre, including a perimeter intrusion detection system, a perimeter surveillance & lighting system, a redundant IT communication network, a redundant video storage system, an under vehicle surveillance system and a tetra communication system. The secured area will have a 19km perimeter.

The Thales port security command & control centre is to bring an integrated response to piracy, trafficking, smuggling and global threats of terrorism. Maintaining port security is of utmost importance and Thales will be providing a complete and real-time situational picture of the site.

Thales’s value proposition for the New Port is focusing on the capacity to integrate various kinds of sensors in a user-friendly Human-Machine Interface. The overall solution is to be highly secured, resilient and, with an eye to future developments, easily upgradable.

This contract marks the first time Thales will deploy its most cutting-edge technologies on such a large scale.

Marc Darmon, Executive Vice-President, Secure Communications and Information Systems, “We are very pleased to be appointed to design and implement the security solution of the New Port, an integral part of the ‘Qatar National Vision 2030’ strategy. With Thales’s architecture, the security solution will be interoperable, adaptable, resilient and future-proof. It will suit the needs of the operators and local authority alike, for tomorrow and the years to come”.

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