Collins Aerospace Demos Proven Unified Command & Control Network at EDGE 22

Collins Aerospace demonstrated a Unified Network that achieved the range and scale required to support the Army modernization and JADC2 initiatives for joint and coalition forces. The demonstration was conducted as part of the recent Experimental Demonstration Gateway Exercise 2022 (EDGE 22) excursion at the Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah.

The demonstration created a Unified Command and Control Network leveraging ground and air platforms to connect multiple brigade combat teams and division assets separated by up to 365 kilometers (226 miles) in rugged terrain. An advanced tactical data link, mesh network and intelligent gateways facilitated the integrated network.

The intelligent gateway included a cross-domain solution that enabled multiple levels of security across the networks, a capability providing division Commanders and coalition partners access to a common operational picture to enhance situational awareness and make informed split-second decisions. Intelligent gateways bridge networks together, bypassing limitations in legacy networks and scaling command and control without requiring costly new equipment or upgrades across the Army Enterprise.

“The warfighter’s most strategic asset is a Unified Network as it provides actionable data anywhere within the multi-domain battlespace and brings together commanders in real time to coordinate mission operations,” said Elaine Bitonti, vice president, JADC2 Demonstration and Experimentation for Collins Aerospace. “This enhanced situational awareness – through securely bridging disparate networks – shortens the decision-making cycle required to determine the best course of action.”

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