Thales onboard the Greek Navy Defence and Intervention Frigates

Thales welcomes Greece’s decision to acquire the Belh@rra® export variant of Naval Group’s FDI defence and intervention frigate for the Hellenic Armed Forces. A firm order for three frigates, with another one on option, has been signed by the Greek authorities.

Designed to conduct a broad range of naval missions and to adapt to new technology and changes in the operational context, Greece’s Belh@rra® frigates will be equipped with a complete set of primary sensors developed by Thales and integrated with the warship’s combat system.

Thales will provide its Sea Fire radar, a fully solid-state multifunction radar with a fixed, four-panel antenna that simultaneously performs long-range air and surface surveillance as well as guidance for anti-air missiles. This is the first export success for the Sea Fire radar, which is designed to deliver outstanding performance in high-intensity combat situations. The frigates will also be equipped with an IFF (Identification Friend or Foe) solution and fire control radar.

In addition, Greece’s FDI frigates will rely on a complete Thales sonar suite comprising the Kingklip MK2 hull-mounted sonar and the Captas-4 Compact towed-array sonar, as well as a digital electronic warfare suite and a full range of integrated naval communication systems to guarantee interoperability and seamless connectivity for the frigates and their crews.

The contract will sustain employment at Thales’s industrial facilities, particularly in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Greece.

“Thales thanks the Greek authorities for the trust they have placed in us by selecting our state-of-the-art naval systems. The new contract further strengthens the strategic ties between Greece and France.” Patrice Caine, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Thales

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