Exemplifying the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030

The defence industries are considered the basic pillars of the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030. IDEX is a unique platform providing numerous opportunities to represent the growing capacities of the defence and security industries sector, in particular, national companies seeking to consolidate their position on a global level. Approximately 170 Emirati companies specializing in the field of defence industries and services, are participating in IDEX 2015 to exhibit their innovative products that are beyond what is common for serving the community.

Tawazun provides added value to the Nation’s manufacturing sectors
Multiple trade names have emerged for UAE companies operating in the field of defence industries, to provide their services for both military and civilian sectors, on the local, regional and international levels.

Most prominent is Tawazun Holding, established in 2007 as part of the Tawazun Economic Program specialized in economic and industrial investments, overseen by the Tawazun Economic Council. The aim of the program is to create projects through partnerships and investment strategies that provide real added value to the nation’s manufacturing sectors. It focuses on a number of areas, which include: defence, aviation, automotive, ammunition, metals and technology industries.

In a short period after its establishment, Tawazun managed to occupy a prestigious position in and out of the UAE, as an industrial investment company. This was achieved through partnerships with a number of international defence contractors, to build skills and gain experiences through developing new products in the UAE.

Tawazun follows an investment strategy enabling it to keep up with the rapid evolvement of markets and ensuring a shared drive to create strategic and sustainable projects within the country.

ADASI, Principal Sponsor of the Unmanned System Exhibition, UMEX 2015
Sponsor of the live UMEX demonstrations, taking place at Al Tarif
The Abu Dhabi Autonomous Systems Investments Co. (ADASI) is the principal sponsor of the Unmanned System Exhibition (UMEX) at IDEX 2015, as well as the sponsor for the live unmanned systems demonstrations, taking place in the picturesque Western Region of Abu Dhabi.

ADASI is considered one of the UAE’s most important companies, operating in the field of defence industries and unmanned systems. The most imperative service provided by ADASI to the Armed Forces is the Al Sabr program, which provides the UAE Air Force with a fleet of autonomous aerial vehicles.

The Al Sabr system development was initiated in 2003 to answer a requirement of the UAE Armed Forces. The platform for Al Sabr, the SchiebelCamcopter® S-100 was developed under a Joint Program between the UAE Government and Austria, during the production phase, manufacturing of some of the major components, final assembly and testing took place in the UAE.The Al Sabr system is based on a fully autonomous vertical take-off and landing platform, providing a live video feed within a radius of 180km from the ground control station, as well as an ability to remain airborne for up to 10 hours. The footprint of the system is limited to two trucks (the Ground Control Station and a Transport Vehicle).

The Al Sabr system is highly versatile and can be modified to perform a wide scope of activities, such as surveillance and reconnaissance missions, radio and data relay, border security, critical infrastructure monitoring and artillery support. It can also be adapted to operate from different locations such as a fixed central operations center or from a ship.


Abu Dhabi Ship Building(ADSB) Principal Sponsor of NAVDEX 2015
The company is one of the leading companies in the field of construction, maintenance, and repairand refurbishment of naval, military and commercial vessels. Abu Dhabi Ship Building was founded in 1996 and supports the maintenance needed for the naval warship fleet of the United Arab Emirates. The company holds an impressive portfolio of build and refit projects that are collectively worth at least AED 3 billion.

Abu Dhabi Ship Building benefits from its reputation, location and strategic partners around the world to consolidate its position as a leader in the area of ship-building -supporting civil and military maritime fleetsin the region and across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

ADSB is one of the most prominent ship building companies exhibiting at NAVDEX 2015.

Al TaifTechnical Services –a branch of the Emirates Defence Industries Company (EDIC).
The company is one of the leading providers specializing in maintenance and repair services for land defence systems across the United Arab Emirates and Gulf region. Al Taif offers an integrated life cycle support for armoured combat vehicles, such as tanks, as well as well as heavy ground support equipment.

Al Taif has global experience, supported by multiple global partners. With global expertise and partnerships, world-class facilities, local knowledge and the commitment to building a sustainable and commercially viable support system for the UAE and regional armed forces. Al Taif’s partner programs are designed to be a knowledge platform to share experiences, critical information and training on innovative maintenance operations.

The company works closely and in cooperation with the General Commander of the Armed Forces in the United Arab Emirates. Al Taifis proud of its partnership with the UAE Armed Forces and the military’s dedication to excellence.

AMMROC offers the best services in the field of maintenance, repair and overhaul of military aircrafts and a wide range of fixed wing and rotary aircrafts

Advanced Military Maintenance Repair Overhaul Center is a joint venture company, owned by Mubadala Development Company, Sikorsky Aerospace Services and Lockheed Martin to provide the best services in the field of maintenance, repair and overhaul of military aircrafts and a wide range of fixed wing rotary aircrafts in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.

Launched in 2010, AMMROC continues to grow as it leverages world-class capabilities, a highly skilled workforce and innovative technologies, to deliver innovative Military Repair Overhaul solutions to ensure the highest level of aircraft readiness, fleet deployability and safety for military operators.
Skyline Aviation Academy
The United Arab Emirate’sbooth at IDEX 2015 will include military equipment, tools and services, as well as offering a promotional platform for the academic institutions that work toward building the Nation’s Armed Forces through training future leaders.

Skyline Aviation Academy is one of the leading and pioneering organizations responsible for training the pilots to drive the commercial, military and vertical aircrafts, which are headquartered in Al Ain International Airport. It also provides training for all the crews for Etihad Airways, military defence personnel, and the police force across the GCC countries and MENA region. The Academy runs high standard training programs according to high operational levels and safety requirements, following the European Aviation Safety Agency method. The certificates of these training sessions are being issued by the General Authority of Civil Aviation in the United Arab Emirates, as well as the European Aviation Safety Agency.

The Skyline Aviation Academy presents training sessions for individuals and organizations for different types of cabin crew, from private pilot licences to those for commercial pilots. The academy has been selected by Eithad Airways to implement its international training program for its pilots. It also offers training sessions for military defence and police sectors. Skyline Aviation Academy has achieved more than 70,000 flight hours and graduated up to 500 pilots and trainers.

With the expected growth in the aviation industry, Skyline Aviation Academy continues to expand its training expertise and its customers’ portfolio in the region. Aiming at becoming the first pioneered organization that specializes in training pilots in South Asia, Middle East and North Africa, the Academy is expanding its footprint with many activities in across the South Asia markets, to provide its training expertise for a wider base of customers.
‘Bayanat’, comprehensive level of expertise in geospatial services since 1974
Bayanat is a leading company offering various services for military troops and civilians. Bayanat is a wholly-owned Mubadala company that was born from the commercialization of the UAE Armed Forces Military Survey Department (MSD). The company specializes in offering dedicated mapping and surveying solutions and was established after a long transformational process to change the military mapping services belonging to the Emirates Armed Forces.

Bayanat was extablished in 1974 to provide the Emirates Armed Forces with dedicated mapping services production. Since this time, Bayanathas been able to develop its expertise and techniques to cover different geospatial services. The national mapping database,that is part of the company, includes several groups of structured data, which represents the basic and formal layers of infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates, in addition to natural terrain and man-made buildings.

The company offers innovative services and goes beyond simply offeringsurveying and traditional mapping services, to put together a strong national structure and infrastructure, which is able to provide geospatial data. With this data, many vital sectors for the UAE benefit from Bayanat’s expertise, notably the military defence and national security forces, infrastructure development, transportation, oil and gas, facilities management, environmental protection, as well as tourism and real estate management. These developments will be made through the latest three-dimensional (3D) imaging techniques, aerial surveys and information collecting, maps production and geodetic surveillance.

Strata Shapes the UAE’s Ambition for Establishing an Advanced Sector for Aircraft Components
Wholly owned by Mubadala, Strata works to meet the demands of the 21st century aerospace industry.

Commencing operations in 2010, Strata came in response to the increasing requirements of thelocal aviation industry.Strata has formed strategic partnerships with aircraft OEMs and combines leading-edge technology, best practice manufacturing processes, an integrated supply chain, and a high caliber workforce. Strata has made many partnerships with leading companies that manufacture aircrafts, including EADS/Airbus, The Boeing Company, Finmeccanica, AleniaAeronautica, SABCA and FACC.

‘Strata’ is located in the Nibras Al Ain Aerospace Park which is being jointly developed by Mubadala Aerospace and Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC).Strata commenced operations of its first 21,600 square meter plant in the fourth quarter of 2010, and delivered its first shipment of the A330/340 flap track fairing in November of the same year. Over time, the product portfolio has expanded with the addition of the A330/340 aileron panels and production of the A380 flap track fairing made of carbon fiber. The innovation delivered to Airbus represented a turning point for Strata as it strives to become a Tier 1 supplier in the aviation industry.

In addition to this manufacture, Strata has expanded its activities to also include vertical-oriented components for aircraft Alenia ATR 72, as well as panels and spoilers for the A330 / 340 aircraft.

Strata’s primary objective is to empower young nationals from the United Arab Emirates, developing the skills and expertise required to play an important role in the development of the aerospace sector in the Emirate.

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