The Advantages of HAVELSAN’s Digital Troops in Modern Warfare

In today’s military field, Autonomous and Robotic Systems have become indispensable elements of the battlefield due to the increase in the combat power of the owner (Force Multiplier effect) and the effects they have on the outcome of the war.

HAVELSAN’s future vision for autonomous systems where different types of unmanned aerial, land and sea vehicles can work together has emerged as Digital Troops. The role of this vision in the near future will be the transition to a new defense concept with the discovery of unmanned battlefields. At this point, it is planned to reveal systems that can work by cooperating with each other. These systems will be able to perform tasks together autonomously, communicate with each other, reveal the best mission plan and implement this mission plan in the field.

Digital Troops is a concept where unmanned systems and soldiers can work together in battlefields. The battlefields of the future will have an important place in terms of being areas where soldiers and robots exist together. The command center will be able to make the management of the battlefield and strategic decisions in this field more accurately, thanks to the information they receive from the Digital Troops in the battlefield. All these unmanned systems are managed from a single center in the battlefield, enabling joint operations to be carried out. The Digital Troops concept, which was created by integrating modern technology into military units, ensures that the success of the units in the battlefield is increased. At this point, Digital Troops will lead the way in shaping the battlefields of the future and changing the concept of war in these areas.

HAVELSAN Digital Troops will have numerous benefits on the battlefield.

Increased safety for soldiers

One of the most significant benefits of Digital Troops is that they will reduce the number of soldiers put in harm’s way. With unmanned systems developed by HAVELSAN, soldiers will be able to operate from a safe distance, away from the front lines of battle. This will greatly reduce the risk of injury or death from enemy fire, landmines, and other hazards of war. For example, Digital Troops elements can be used to conduct reconnaissance and surveillance, reducing the need for soldiers to be deployed to dangerous areas.

Improved efficiency and cost savings

Digital Troops are also more efficient and cost-effective than traditional manned vehicles. They can operate for longer periods of time without the need for rest or supplies, and they do not require food, water, or medical attention. This means that armies can save money on supplies and personnel costs while also increasing the efficiency of their operations.

Enhanced capabilities and versatility

Digital Troops offer a range of capabilities that traditional manned vehicles can not match. For example, HAVELSAN’s UAV system- BAHA can fly at high altitudes for extended periods as a swarm, providing a better view of the battlefield. Systems can also be equipped with a variety of sensors and cameras, making them ideal for reconnaissance and surveillance. HAVELSAN’s UGV systems such as BARKAN and KAPGAN can be equipped with cutting edge techology payloads as well, and they can be used for a variety of purposes, including transporting supplies and equipment and providing support for troops on the ground in addition to strong fire support.

Increased precision and accuracy

Unmanned Systems developed by HAVELSAN can move together with extreme precision and accuracy, making them ideal for a range of military operations. For example, BAHA can be used to define target coordinates. BARKAN and KAPGAN can also be equipped with precision-guided munitions, allowing them to hit targets with a high degree of accuracy in accordance with other members of the swarm.

Reduced risk of human error

Human error is a common cause of accidents and mistakes in military operations. Digital Troops can help reduce the risk of human error by removing the human element from the equation. For example, BARKAN and KAPGAN can be programmed to navigate and operate autonomously, reducing the risk of accidents caused by human error.

In conclusion, HAVELSAN DIGITAL TROOPS offer a wide range of benefits to armies, including increased safety for soldiers, improved efficiency and cost savings, enhanced capabilities and versatility, increased precision and accuracy, and reduced risk of human error. As technology continues to evolve, the capabilities and benefits of Digital Troops will enhance in such a way that making them essential determinant factor of future.

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