HAVELSAN, with its capabilities in the fields of Command Control and Defense Technologies, Simulation and Autonomous Platform Management Technologies and Information and Communication Technologies proved itself as a global player associated with cutting-edge technologies. Smart products, advanced solutions and innovative technologies that HAVELSAN designs and develops fulfill the evolving needs of the global defense community.

HAVELSAN’s proven solutions and systems are the assurances for the new technologies it develops and will develop. Advanced systems like ADVENT makes it possible for HAVELSAN to prove its competencies and develop new technologies like the concept of Digital Troops to meet the needs of the modern combat fields. On one hand, as one of the pride of HAVELSAN, ADVENT is the sole system, a proven solution that has been preferred and used by Türkiye and allied countries’ navies. On the other hand, new technologies developed by HAVELSAN turned into innovations through new concepts as is the case of HAVELSAN Digital Troops consisting of autonomous land and sea systems namely BARKAN, KAPGAN and BAHA.


HAVELSAN, which aims to take the deterrence power of the Turkish Naval Forces to the next level, acts as the strategic partner of the Turkish Naval Forces in the field of Combat Management System (CMS). ADVENT has been developed in a modular structure that can be adapted to different platform types with different tasks. As a platform-independent system and with its scalable open architecture structure; it can be adapted to the surface, underwater and air platforms and land-based stations. The main purpose of ADVENT is to meet the network-supported operational needs of a task force, in addition to the traditional self-defense capabilities of a single ship.

ADVENT focuses on the force structure rather than a single ship. For each platform, a platform-specific CMS can be configured by bringing together the relevant modules from the “shared capabilities”, “platform-specific capabilities” and “weapon/sensor systems integration solutions” modules of it. Platforms with ADVENT act as a single unit over the Network Enabled Capability (NEC) within the scope of the operation performed. This increases the efficiency and success of operations. Tactical training can also be provided through the system, which has full integration with a wide range of weapons and sensor systems of different origins.

The greatest strength of ADVENT is that all of the stages, from design to development and testing, have been coordinated with the Turkish Navy. It has been developed together with the end-user, not just with the information/specifications/features gathered from the end-user.  ADVENT, in its present form, is a peerless combat management system in the world “developed together with the Naval Forces for the Naval Forces”. ADVENT Combat Management System as the rightful pride of HAVELSAN and Türkiye, with its capabilities beyond the era, has already taken its place amongst the combat management systems of world navies. ADVENT is ready to serve at global scale as the Combat Management System of all subsurface, surface and air platforms of the Naval Forces and Coast Guards to be built and modernized today and in the future.


HAVELSAN, with its experience in simulation over 40 years, presents its capabilities with the concept of Digital Troops in robotic and autonomous technologies. Unmanned systems have been indispensable elements of modern combat fields due to the increasing complexity and strategic importance of battle systems with the developing technology. These systems play a decisive role in operations with the integration of autonomous features, advanced weapons and sensor systems, as well as reconnaissance and surveillance missions. Unmanned Ground Vehicles are important force multipliers for military units against different threats, in variable environmental conditions and especially in the field of close combat.

BARKAN has been developed within the scope of all these requirements of the modern combat field. With its remote control and autonomous mission capabilities in the operation areas, BARKAN provides close mission support to military units. Thanks to BARKAN’s swarm infrastructure, joint operations with other manned or unmanned land and air vehicles are also possible from a single center. BARKAN can be used in multi-purpose missions thanks to its superior autonomous features and its modular design in which different payloads can be integrated.

KAPGAN is an Autonomous Middle Class-2 UGV designed to accompany troops in different missions with its high maneuverability, especially in harsh environmental conditions. In addition to cutting-edge payload options for different functions such as the Upgradable Perimeter Surveillance System, the integrated 30 mm Gun with an effective range of 2 km provides high deterrence at low volume with its armor-piercing feature against land and air targets in the field. KAPGAN can perform various tasks, ranging from carrying military equipment, casualty transfer, to surveillance, reconnaissance and war damage assessment.

KAPGAN’s 5 kilometers tactical data link, GSM and satellite communication infrastructure, 4 meters Upgradeable Peripheral Surveillance System and high-tech sensor systems enable this unique UGV to detect the environment, enabling it to carry out day/night reconnaissance and surveillance missions successfully. The wired or wireless drone integrated into the vehicle can be used as a relay in cases where the range is insufficient. Additionally, both the reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities of the system can be increased by providing uninterrupted communication via the drone-integrated modem.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are aerial systems capable of performing various tasks independently or under the guidance of an operator. Designed to meet the needs of modern military units, BAHA is a fixed-wing Sub-Cloud Autonomous UAV that can perform joint operations with all unmanned systems with its vertical landing and take-off capability, fully autonomous mission capability, modular architecture that allows the integration of different payloads and many more features.

The system, which is powered by a petrol engine during a horizontal cruise, is supported by electric motors in vertical take-off and landing. Capable of performing missions up to an altitude of 10.000 feet, BAHA can stay in the air for up to six hours with a petrol engine and up to two hours with an electric motor. BAHA, which has a wide wingspan, can carry a useful load of up to 5 kg. The system, which was designed to be easily installed by two people and operated by one person, can be ready for a mission within minutes.


Throughout 2023 HAVELSAN will showcase its advanced systems and innovative solutions at global events and fairs to the international community. This journey has already begun with IDEX/ NAVDEX 2023 where HAVELSAN’s ADVENT and Digital Troops systems are spotlighted for the attention of all the attendees especially the defense industry of the Gulf Region. To be informed about HAVELSAN news, events and developments follow HAVELSAN Global on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

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