HAVELSAN’s Unmanned Ground Vehicles are the inevitable components of Digital Troops family. They can be in various sizes and configurations for the differing needs of the armed forces’. One of the members of UGV systems, HAVELSAN BARKAN, is designed and developed according to the needs and requirements of the end users, namely Turkish army and allied countries’ armed forces.

HAVELSAN BARKAN has an infrastructure that makes it possible to be integrated by other weapons.

HAVELSAN BARKAN aims to be an essential power of the armed forces in many areas, through its determinant role in the success of the operation.  One of the primary  objectives of BARKAN is to prevent casualties and reduce the cost of the operations.

Hitherto, 7.62-millimeter Sarp-L Remote Controlled Stabilized Weapon System, robotic arm system, and a 3-meter mast system for reconnaissance-surveillance missions have been integrated into HAVELSAN BARKAN to be able to perform the expected duties.

As HAVELSAN keeps developing BARKAN, the tests to integrate different weapon systems into UGV are in progress.

Recently, ROKETSAN’s Laser Guided Mini Missile System METE was integrated into HAVELSAN BARKAN which successfully carried out a test fire. In this test of missile firing HAVELSAN BARKAN managed to hit the target. The Laser Guided Mini Missile, METE integrated model of BARKAN is called BARKAN W41. The test of missile fire was performed in Konya, Karapınar.   

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