Polaris: Newest Light Tactical Military Vehicle to Debut at DSEI

Polaris Government and Defense, the premier provider of ultralight tactical vehicles to global military forces, will debut its revolutionary mobility platform at DSEI in stand #H8-302 in London Sept. 14-17. The MRZR Alpha is the highest performing MRZR ever developed, providing superior off-road maneuverability and performance to global forces. The advanced platform supports requirements of U.S. Special Operations Command and the U.S. Marine Corps for a longer life-cycle while increasing performance and payload and maintaining internal, tactical air transportability. Polaris will also display its DAGOR and MRZR D4 light tactical vehicles and highlight its global training, engineering and integration capabilities.

 “The Polaris Government and Defense team here in the U.K. serves Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) customers, handling all configuration management to deliver a complete capability,” said Steve Canner, manager of EMEA, Polaris Government and Defense. “The MRZR platform is widely used by global forces and we’re honored the global debut of the MRZR Alpha is here at DSEI. After the show, the vehicle will remain in the U.K. so we can schedule more in-depth briefings and MRZR Alpha demonstrations.”

First introduced in 2012, Polaris has continued to enhance the MRZR platform to meet the mission demands of the U.S. military, and over 50 allied forces worldwide – and the MRZR Alpha ups the ante once again. A new chassis provides a larger and more durable foundation for the latest MRZR, which is powered by a high-performance, yet quiet, 118 hp turbo-diesel engine and off-road tuned automotive 8-speed transmission. This provides 220 ft-lbs of efficient torque that, when combined with a selectable locker for the 2WD/4WD drive system, delivers superior off-road maneuverability and handling in the most demanding environments, including deep sand. In the cab, there is increased exportable power, more cab space and a greater configurability.

Dedication to European Requirements and Global Support

Multiple European Special Operations and conventional forces have Polaris DAGOR and MRZR platforms and receive localized support from Polaris. Support includes custom-engineered accessories and upfit modifications to meet specific capabilities, complete equipment integration, program management, training, long-term parts supply and service. The delivery of a complete capability will be featured on the stand with the inclusion of the Polaris DAGOR equipped with a Sur-Ron® e-bike, which Polaris purchases and mounts for a European special operations forces customer.  

Recent vehicle deliveries to the German Army demonstrate the localized support Polaris provides internationally and how leveraging the company’s existing network benefits military customers worldwide. Polaris has delivered 65 MRZR D4s to special units of the Bundeswehr providing integration of specialized on-board equipment, training, spare parts, tool kits and documentation. The light airborne utility terrain vehicles (LL-UTV) contract has been executed by Germany’s Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use (BAAINBw) with Rainer Diederich GmbH from Wiehl-Bomig. Rainer Diederich is the sole distributor of Polaris military vehicles in Germany.

Polaris is a major original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with 20 manufacturing facilities in six countries – including Poland and France as well as the U.S. The MRZR Alpha is produced in Minnesota at the birthplace of Polaris on a state-of-the-art, dedicated defense production line. It’s here that the company combines new technologies with the legacy of workmanship and quality that’s carried on in each employee that helps to build a Polaris vehicle.

Polaris employs dedicated military field service representatives (FSRs) to teach operator and maintainer training courses to the U.S. and its allies. Polaris also provides world-class parts distribution with an established inventory management system that allows for proactive management of parts inventory, minimizes lead time for parts and reduces the logistics for supply chain planning and management. Worldwide logistics are strengthened by the global footprint of Polaris, which has over 3,600 dealers and products sold to 120 countries.

More about the All-New MRZR Alpha

The Polaris MRZR Alpha represents the insertion of cutting-edge off-road vehicle technology for ultimate tactical mobility – derived from research and development investments that keep Polaris in front of the highly competitive off-road vehicle market. At the Polaris Product Development Center in Wyoming, Minn., engineers take the lead, improving technology and advancing vehicles through innovation.

 “The Polaris portfolio of light tactical vehicles provides unmatched off-road capability. Like all Polaris military platforms, the new MRZR Alpha continues a tradition of light tactical military vehicles that are intuitive to operate, easy to maintain, and easy to globally support within an existing worldwide infrastructure of parts distribution and dealer service networks which is ideal for expeditionary forces,” said Jed Leonard, vice president, Polaris Government and Defense.

The MRZR Alpha retains a 1500 lb (680 kg) towing capacity common in the MRZR family, as well as blackout mode and a two-litter capacity. The MRZR Alpha comes in a two and four-seat option, like its predecessors, and increased payload to 1400 and 2000 lbs (635 and 907.2 kg), respectively. The range at gross-vehicle weight (GVW) increases to 225 miles (362.1 km) for expanded mission flexibility and it is heavy-fuel compatible – including DF1, DF2, JP8 and F24. The top speed of over 60 mph (96.5 kmh) supports convoy operations. An expanded off-road profile is made possible with 12 inches (30.48 cm) of ground clearance at full GVW, high clearance dual A-arm front and rear suspension with payload leveling, and 32-inch (81.28 cm), high mobility run-flat tires with bead-lock rims.

The MRZR Alpha can be internally transported by V-22, H-47 and larger aircraft by leveraging toolless ROPS and spare tire stowage. External transportation includes H-60 and larger rotary wing lift assets. Robust tie down and lifting provisions also allow for LVAD, JPADS and HSL certifications.

With the MRZR Alpha, maintenance is simplified through an On-Board Diagnostics interface (OBD-II) for real-time feedback on the status of the vehicle subsystems and a pinpoint diagnostics manual. On board vehicle systems support future condition-based maintenance and guided diagnostics.

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