The dominance of NATO fighters in the Middle East


The Middle East was and still is one of the hottest regions on the global level, and with many geopolitical changes, it is a very large market for combat aircraft, and it has witnessed a very big competition for decades between Western and Eastern companies, up to the year 2021, especially in two of the events, the Dubai Air Show and EDEX in their 2021 versions. The Dubai Airshow is one of the largest and most successful air shows in the world It happens every two years in UAE this year it was from 14 to 18 November also Egypt defense expo (EDEX) It is the largest arms marketing event in Africa that takes place every two years in Egypt and this year it was from 29 November to 2 December, awarded (Winner – Best International Trade Show 2019 & Winner – Best Trade Exhibition in Middle East) .

It was noticed the marketing power of European and American manufacturers, in comparison with their Russian and Chinese counterparts, who only appeared with a very timid view. The Russian company, UAS, did not bring any Sukhoi fighters with it to the Emirates, and contented itself with offering the light fighter of the new generation under the name (checkmate) su 75 to convince the UAE Air Force with it. To replace the US F-35 deal, in case of EDEX, the Russian company did not come with any fighters and was satisfied with only advanced training aircraft of the Yak-130 model, contrary to what was presented in the 2018 version. The Chinese company AVIC came only with its light fighter JF 17 Block 3 to be displayed in the two events to summarize the strategy of the Russian and Chinese companies in the two exhibitions in the word “the cheapest and the least in operating expenses compared to its Western counterpart”

Western fighters dominated the Middle East market, which was evident in the two shows, to show the best and most recent versions ever after gaining the trust of users, it was astonishing what the western planes, whether American or European, have in terms of the flexibility of integration with each other, which has been confirmed in many air exercises in the Middle East and Europe and even combat operations, so there is no problem for any air force to use 2 or 3 together to take advantages from different platforms to reach the best results as these planes combine in the advantages of multi-tasking and armament because they are considered the best in their class (multi-role)and has been greatly developed based on the experience gained from combat missions in the Middle East to become more adaptive

Fighter planes on display:

BOEING offered F15 EX : The F-15 enjoys a wide reputation in air superiority missions that it deserved after many air battles to be modernized for decades to reach its new revolutionary version that rises to the 4+ generation to keep pace with new changes in the battlefield, where the aircraft’s body has been modified in many areas to qualify it to carry more armament Air-to-air and air-to-ground, along with very capable radars, defensive and jamming systems, and a large variety of armaments. They are very suitable for deep, long-range attack with a small number as an air supremacy fighter with proper electronic support from HVA aircrafts

LEONARDO offered EUROFIGHTER TYPHOON EF2000 trench 4: It is the best non stealth air superiority fighter from 4+ gen  in NATO today especially in BVR and high altitude combat, it had a successful history in the Middle East for Arabic and foreign nations And the successes continue with the last deal of the Kuwaiti Air Force recently ,EF 2000 is very unique due to its power of engines, maneuverability, radars technology, targeting, Electronic Warfare (digital stealth) and long-range air-to-air/air to ground armament. It comes with its new version, T4, to be an air supremacy fighter. And has proven its worth in many offensive war missions in Syria and Iraq, Yemen In a multi-threat arena in addition to the missions of the air policing in the skies of Europe, and many of the exercises in which they succeeded in integrating with American and other European fighters

LOCKHEED Offered F16 FALCON block 70: For decades, F-16 has served in many air forces around the world, with a very large number, and has proven its worth as one of the best multi-role fighters at the tactical and operational levels to come with its new version that has been modified to suit current challenges and future battles by modernizing data links, powerful radar, and a very powerful and diverse armament package in all missions air is the air and the air is the land

DASSULT offered RAFALE f4 : It is now enjoying a prosperous period of success, especially after the historic UAE deal, after a difficult start of failure in many deals, but over recent years it has proven itself as an offensive fighter par excellence, after it was stationed in the Middle East to participate in many combat and training missions with very great success due to its determination The distinguished and the highly advanced warning, protection and jamming systems, in addition to the distinguished armament in the air, in the air and in the air, and in its new version, it adds a lot of developments at the level of communications and targeting.

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