From 20 to 25 February 2023, Nexter presents its solutions at the IDEX 2023 exhibition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. As a strategic partner of the United Arab Emirates for 30 years, Nexter is developing its strong integration in the country, particularly regarding the modernisation of the Leclerc tanks of the UAE armed forces. For the first time, JAGUAR and TITUS vehicles will be exhibited on the stand of Resource Industries, a key player in the UAE defence industry. Nexter and Resource Industries are exploring the possibility of industrial cooperation around these vehicles.

A historic industrial partnership going forward
Nexter has been working with the UAE armed forces for 30 years when the Leclerc contract came into effect. Today, Nexter is open to new cooperation projects to develop new activities locally. Thus, in close partnership with the UAE’s private and public defence ecosystem, Nexter is strengthening and developing industrial cooperation for systems, munitions and services. To this end, Nexter is pursuing the development of a wholly-owned subsidiary – Nexter Emarat LTD. – which will allow the localisation of engineering and new product development activities.

JAGUAR and TITUS: towards an industrial cooperation

At IDEX 2023, Nexter is exhibiting its TITUS and JAGUAR armoured vehicles on the stand of Resource Industries, an emerging key player in the UAE defence ecosystem. The two companies are currently exploring industrial partnership opportunities to develop “made in UAE” solutions for the UAE armed forces, benefiting from Nexter’s technological know-how.

The JAGUAR combines the latest generation of optronic capabilities with multiple and scalable firepower, using the latest 40mm telescoped ammunition and anti-tank missiles perfectly suited for high-intensity combat.

The TITUS multirole armoured vehicle is available in multiple variants with a high level of protection and mobility. It is the subject of discussions between Nexter and the UAE military ecosystem.

Nexter, a wide range of products presented at IDEX 2023

On its stand CP-320, Nexter is exhibiting its wide range of products, including armoured vehicles, large and medium calibre artillery systems, ammunition, support services, robots and optronic equipment. Amongst others, the following will be presented in real size:

– The UAE version of the Leclerc tank. Nexter is exchanging views with the United Arab Emirates to continue supporting the Leclerc for the next decades. It is displayed with a new HE multimode ammunition.

– The VBCI MkI, the version in service with the French army and proven in combat on various battlefields. This infantry fighting vehicle, equipped with a 25mm gun, has demonstrated exceptional capabilities in terms of mobility, protection and firepower.

– The CAESAR, the reference in 155mm combat proven artillery, associated with its ammunition produced by Nexter Arrowtech.

– The RAPIDFire, made by Nexter and Thales, is displayed in naval and land versions. The first example of this new turret will enter service this year on a French Navy ship.

– The JAGUAR is presented for the first time at a foreign exhibition. This modern weapon system, which is in service in the French forces since 2021, is manufactured by Nexter, Arquus and Thales. With its 40 CTA gun, Akeron MP missiles and remotely controlled weapon system, it considerably increases the firepower of the French and Belgian light cavalry units. It is displayed on the Resource Industries stand, alongside a TITUS ARX30 specifically configured for counter-UAV warfare.

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