International Armored Group unveils Rila fighting vehicle at IDEX 2021

International Armored Group took the opportunity at the 15th edition of the International Defense Exhibition and Conference (IDEX), which was held from 21 to 25 February, to reveal a new fighting vehicle.

One of the global leaders in the manufacturing of wheeled protected and armored vehicle International Armored Group (IAG) has unveiled its new wheeled infantry fighting vehicle, called the Rila.

The Rila is an eight-wheeled armoured vehicle currently being developed by the IAG for out-of-area operations, meeting the full range of requirements for mobility and ruggedness.

The new infantry fighting vehicle is designed to provide superior mobility, lethality, survivability and sustainability, while they are easy to operate and maintain.

The design of the vehicle is standard for a modern armored personnel carrier with the engine at the front, crew in the middle, and troops’ compartment at the rear.

The vehicle is controlled by a crew of three and can accommodate eath (10) passengers, enabling greater troop-carrying capacity.

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