Altadrea Manufacturing Company and Teledyne FLIR sign MoU to build strategic cooperation in the military and security sector

Altadrea Manufacturing Company (TMC), one of the largest armored vehicle manufacturers in Saudi Arabia, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Teledyne FLIR, a world leader in intelligent sensing solutions for defense and industrial applications.

The agreement will build strategic cooperation between the two companies to explore development and innovation. It is in line with TMC’s 5-year strategy to double its operating capacity by 2025, diversify its portfolio of customers in the public and private sectors, and consolidate its position as the most reliable manufacturer of customized military vehicles in the Kingdom.

The MoU was signed by Altadrea CEO Ayoub bin Fawzi Ayoub bin Sabri and Teledyne FLIR Vice President of Strategic Commercial Initiatives Ole Aguirre.

Altadrea CEO Ayoub bin Fawzi Ayoub bin Sabri said: “The MoU with Teledyne FLIR is a major step forward and it is aligned with the strategic aim of the Saudi General Authority of Military Industries (GAMI), under Vision 2030 to localize the military industry by more than 50% and increase competitiveness in the sector. It will also add value to the Saudi military industry by strengthening local industrial and defense capabilities and facilitating a transfer of technical knowledge to the Kingdom”.

“TMC is committed to contributing to Saudi economic development and diversification by supporting local content and developing the skill set of the workforce. We already have a 40% Saudi workforce and established in-house capabilities” bin Sabri added.

“The agreement with Teledyne FLIR will benefit both companies and consolidate our position as a market leader in the manufacture of armored vehicles”, continued.

Teledyne FLIR Vice President of Business Development for Defense Technologies Arne Skjaerpe said, “The signing of the MoU with TMC reaffirms Teledyne FLIR’s commitment to the region and the Kingdom, and we are pleased to be teaming with an innovative organization such as TMC to develop shared opportunities for growth. The joint agreement will bring together our expertise in the design and manufacture of thermal imaging cameras and sensors, and TMC’s experience in the production of armored vehicles, leading to the introduction of world-class integrated systems and solutions.”

Over the past 20 years TMC has established itself as a trusted partner in developing Saudi Arabia’s military industry providing high quality, innovative products including armored vehicles, machinery and bulletproof glass. TMC already has an annual production capacity to build 1,500 armored vehicles, provide maintenance for 9,000 vehicles including military, ambulances, telecom and cash-in-transit vehicles, manufacture spare parts for military, oil and gas mining and industrial goods and a glass production capacity of 20,000 square meters.

The agreement with Teledyne FLIR will position TMC as a leading provider of military grade vehicles in the Kingdom, in line with its 5-year strategy and the strategic aims of Vision 2030, and it will strengthen its position as a market leader in the region.

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