HENSOLDT Presents ASR-NG – Next Generation Airport Surveillance Radar

HENSOLDT Presents ASR-NG - Next Generation Airport Surveillance Radar
HENSOLDT Presents ASR-NG - Next Generation Airport Surveillance Radar

ASR-NG is a multi-beam 3D S-Band solid-state approach control primary and secondary surveillance radar and en-route control sensor, fulfilling ICAO Annex 10 Volume III/IV and EUROCONTROL Surveillance Standard Requirements. The system implements a fully digital Doppler detection and tracking solution with flexible and self-learning clutter and site-optimization capabilities.

The ASR radars consist of an integrated primary and secondary radar system. The primary radar helps to detect non-cooperative objects such as small aircraft without transponders or hostile aircraft. It is based on a semiconductor transmitter and includes special signal processing techniques for wide-area surveillance and wind farm mitigation. The secondary radar, MSSR 2000 I, ensures the automatic identification of cooperative aircraft.

Exceptional Detection & Tracking from Ultra-light to Supersonic

The airspace worldwide is shared between civil and military users, between general aviation traffic and sports or leisure time aircraft. To avoid safety-crucial situations, state-of-the-art ATC radars have to deliver excellent detection performance, from the smallest aircraft like ultra-light gliders to the largest passenger airliner. Modern radars also have to be capable of differentiating between slow-moving rotary-wing aircraft and fast-moving military supersonic fighters without any significant blind speed gaps. The non-awareness of potentially uncooperative air traffic, for instance in case of military exercises, might lead to near-miss incidents or incorrect air traffic-controller advice. ASR-NG can detect the smallest 0.5m² as well as 10.000m² targets with uppermost probability of detection. It offers exceptional no-blind speed coverage between 0 to 1.200 knots.

Wind Farm Clutter & 4G/LTE Resistance

In the rapidly growing presence of disturbing environments like wind farms or telecommunication influences such as 4G/LTE coverage, it is of utmost importance for air traffic control radars to cope with highly dynamic clutter environments and capability to resist 4G/LTE impacts.

New Multi-Beam Processing

While previous generations of ATC radars could not suppress false alarms originating from wind farms, ASR-NG provides highest detection, resolution and tracking performance by the use of its worldwide-first, concurrent, triple-beam processing and electronic beam forming capabilities. Its detection and tracking of small rotary-wing aircraft over wind farms is field-proven, witnessed by the UK Ministry of Defense.

Unique 3D Capability

Using a third horn antenna feed the ASR-NG also provides a unique feature of 3D target detection. This third beam allows the measurement and calculation of altitudes of uncooperative targets such as aircraft with either no transponders or defect/disabled Identification Friend-Foe (IFF) signals – for instance during military exercises or flight operations.

Lowest Life-Cycle Costs & Long-Term Sustainability

With nearly no preventive maintenance, the ASR-NG system has been designed for fully autonomous, unmanned and completely remotely controlled 24/7/365 operation. The transfer of maintenance knowledge to the customer or a preferred local partner serves as standard logistic support approach. Fixed-price support agreements and supply guarantees are provided for 25 years and more.

HENSOLDT is a pioneer of technology and innovation in the field of defense and security electronics. Based in Taufkirchen near Munich, the company is a German Champion with strategic leadership positions in the field of sensor solutions for defense and non-defense applications.

HENSOLDT develops new products to combat a wide range of threats based on innovative approaches to data management, robotics and cyber security. With approximately 5,500 employees, HENSOLDT generated revenues of 1.14 billion euros in 2019.

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