FAR Group will be present in the IDEX and NAVDEX exhibitions

FAR Group represented by its CEO Joseph Mandour, its Business Development Director LT- Colonel Nawfal Berbiche and its Business Development Vice president David N.Finch, is heading to the United Arab Emirates to attend one of the largest defense exhibitions in the Middle East and North Africa. The 16th edition of The International Defense Exhibition (IDEX) and its naval version, (NAVDEX) with 65 countries and 1,350 companies exhibiting, including eight new nations, is expected to be the largest edition.

FAR Group, a globally operating American defense provider that specializes in Construction and Infrastructure, Professional Services, and Force Protection and Security Support, is leveraging this opportunity to meet powerful, innovative, and intelligent companies in the industry and is determined to engage with potential clients, partners, and suppliers. The company’s CEO, Mr. Joseph Mandour, firmly believes that the African market holds tremendous potential for defense companies and is committed to establishing FAR Group as a bridge between the African market and defense products providers, by offering expertise in both defense services and products to support national security’s mission.


The Middle East has emerged as one of the world’s largest markets for defense products and services, with a projected value of $110 billion by 2024. Moreover, Countries in the region have been investing heavily in defense equipment and technology, driven by the need to modernize their armed forces, counter-terrorism threats, and protect their borders. The United Arab Emirates, the host of the exhibition is one of the leading countries in the region in terms of defense spending, with a defense budget of around $19.8 billion in 2020, followed by Saudi Arabia with a budget of $16.3 billion.

Making The Middle East a potential market for FAR Group as well, encouraging the company to explore new opportunities and expand its network and strategic partnerships in the region.

The importance of such exhibitions cannot be understated, as they provide a platform for companies such as FAR Group to connect with potential clients and industry experts, showcase their latest technologies, and explore partnerships and collaborations. With the growing demand for defense equipment in the Middle East and Africa, it is no surprise that these exhibitions are of critical importance to global defense companies.

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