Escribano Mechanical & Engineering at IDEX 21
Escribano Mechanical & Engineering at IDEX 21

Escribano M&E performed to CSA Francisco Javier Varela Salas, a demonstration of two Rheinmetall Mission Master A-UGV integrating its GUARDIAN 2.0 station and its OTEOS electrooptic system, thus making available to the Spanish army a solution for unmanned platform.

Control modes such as the follow-me, autonomous navigation and convoy modes were showcased. Through its sensor suite mounted on a mast, the Mission Master – Surveillance could detect a threat and its location was automatically shared with the Mission Master equipped with the GUARDIAN 2.0, allowing to slew-to-cue the target.

Escribano also exhibited his well-known “Remote Drive” solution (VAMTAC vehicle integrating GUARDIAN 2.0), developed with INTA and INSIA, University Research Institute belonging to the Polytechnic University of Madrid, within the framework of a COINCIDENTAL program of the National Armament Directorate (NAD) awarded in 2018, its driving cameras integrated into a Phase II ICV vehicle (contract for the supply, installation and maintenance of 83 driving cameras awarded in 2020),as well as new station developments and their guided ammunition kits for rockets and projectiles.

The tech demonstration culminated in showing the maturity of THE GUARDIAN 30 Station on an 8×8 Piranha Marine vehicle. Escribano M&E has the design authority and owns the intellectual property of the Guardian 30 which is one of the proposed weapons stations for its integration into the Spanish army program 8×8. Representatives of the four companies that integrate Tess-Defence SA were present at the demonstration: Sapa Operaciones SL, Indra Sistemas SA, Escribano Mechanical & Engineering S. L, and Santa Bárbara Sistemas SA., and its CEO Luis Mayo.

Among the military guests who accompanied the delegation headed by CSA Francisco Javier Varela Salas, were the Head of the Army Logistics Support Command (MALE), Lieutenant General Fernando García y García de las Hijas, the Deputy Director General of (Under-directorate for Planning, Technology and Innovation (PLATIN (DGAM) Division General José Luis Murga Martínez and the Deputy Director General of Terrestrial Systems of National Aerospace Institute (INTA), Brigadier General Patricia Ortega.

Escribano thus undertakes a new investment and expansion of its technological capabilities fully designed, developed and manufactured in Spain to become the national and international benchmark of national technology and innovation, with an eye on the future program of the 8×8 DRAGON vehicle.

We recall that ESCRIBANO received on February 22, 2021, the favorable resolution of the grant of demanial concession of the SAN JUAN DEL VISO/POLVORN EL VISO DETACHMENT, by the Secretary of State of the Directorate General of Infrastructure of the Ministry of Defense.

The objective of the Spanish company is to have its own testing ground for the training, training, testing and validation of systems with which to strengthen and increase the capacities of the National Defense Industry and made available to the Spanish Armed Forces and Security Forces for training. Escribano will create the first National Advanced Centerfor Technology and Experimentation for Development, R&D&I, scientific calculation, and simulation of cutting-edge dual-use technologies, making an unprecedented new investment that will encourage the continuous creation of qualified employment.

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