Guardia Civil awards Spanish company Escribano M&E a contract for SIVE maintenance

ESCRIBANO Mechanical & Engineering (EM&E), a leading Spanish company in innovation and technologies for Defence and Security, has been awarded a contract for most of the maintenance of the permanent deployments of the Integrated External Surveillance System (SIVE) of the GUARDIA CIVIL throughout Spain. ESCRIBANO has been awarded lots 2, 3, 4 and 5 of maintenance, in competition with large companies such as INDRA, which have been in charge of the maintenance of the SIVE for more than 20 years.

More specifically, ESCRIBANO has been awarded Lot 2: Deployment of Las Palmas, Lot 3: Strait of Gibraltar Area, Lot 4: Southeast Area, Lot 5: Levante Area, totalling more than 19 million Euros, which could double in the coming years with the awarding of the corresponding extensions. ESCRIBANO did not apply for the lots Lot 1: Deployment in Tenerife and Lot 6: Galicia Area, which have been awarded to INDRA amounting to approx. 3.4 million Euros.

The other Spanish company that was awarded the contract, and which participated in Lot 7 for the contract’s logistic management support services, is TRC, for a total of about 800,000 euros.

This is the first time that an integral manufacturer of national electro-optical systems will do the maintenance of the SIVE, which was led for more than 20 years by Spanish companies that selected obsolete foreign technologies. Yet this is not ESCRIBANO’s first appointment with GUARDIA CIVIL. We recall that the electro-optical sensors selected in 2020 by the GUARDIA CIVIL to upgrade the SIVE were the Spanish company’s OTEOS-S systems, which are already installed in the SIVE and are replacing the obsolete existing technologies.

ESCRIBANO will count on another Spanish manufacturer, ART, a specialist in radar manufacturing and also selected by SIVE for the modernisation of its radars, to make this maintenance, thus contributing to its strategy of national industrial collaboration and promoting the sovereignty of Spanish technology.

In addition, the OTEOS electro-optical system has also been selected by the GUARDIA CIVIL Armament Service for border surveillance in Ceuta and Melilla and by the GUARDIA CIVIL Maritime Service for installation on medium and high altitude vessels to fight against illegal immigration and trafficking of illegal goods along the Mediterranean coast and in the Balearic and Canary archipelagos to monitor Spanish waters and their surroundings. A maintenance-friendly system with a modular and configurable design incorporating the latest HD and infrared sensor technology capable of detecting and tracking targets at a range of 20km. Besides, ESCRIBANO was awarded together with the Spanish TRC for the development of an innovative system to improve the security in GUARDIA CIVIL rural environments.

ESCRIBANO, which also holds national contracts with the Army, Navy and Customs Surveillance, will deploy its resources, means and technology throughout Spain to ensure the integral maintenance of the stations, sensors, radars and SIVE equipment, helping to improve the functionality and operability of the sensor stations and offering the necessary technological improvements and updates to the GUARDIA CIVIL, being the manufacturer and maintainer of its technology.

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