DCNS at DEFSEC Exhibition, Canada

 DCNS will participate in DEFSEC Exhibition in Halifax, from September 8 to 10. DCNS is a world leader in naval defence and an innovator in the energy sector. As a naval prime contractor, shipbuilder and systems integrator, DCNS combines resources and expertise spanning the naval defence value chain and entire system lifecycles. DCNS delivers innovative solutions from integrated warships to strategic systems, equipment, services.

With state-of-the-art references in French and allied navies, DCNS proposes to its customers « Combat Proven » ships with high performances for meeting tomorrow’s challenges. The Group’s vessels keep on proving their operational capabilities all over the world, deployed on expeditionary missions by French forces and on allied exercises, maritime security and humanitarian operations.

Drawing from its rich and long-standing experience, DCNS intends to develop naval engineering and industrial partnerships in Canada. In particular, the Group proposes its combat system integration capabilities and warship design expertise for the Canadian Surface Combatant (CSC) project under the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS). The FREMM frigate design, adapted to Canadian requirements, will be the basis of DCNS’s efforts to share its unique expertise with Canadian partners. The Group, jointly with its subsidiary DCNS Technologies Inc., has recently responded to the Request for Response for Evaluation (RFRE) in positioning itself as both Combat System Integrator and Warship Designer.

Additionally, DCNS is willing to participate in the AJISS programme for the in-service support of future Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ships (AOPS) and the Joint Support Ships (JSS). The Group has a long tradition of technology transfer and has consistently demonstrated that it can be a key partner for navies to expand their operational capabilities.

The DCNS booth at DEFSEC showcases:

Surface combatants:

• The FREMM multi-mission frigate combines the latest technologies developed by DCNS. Considered as a world leader in her class, the FREMM is a versatile vessel able to respond to any type of missions encompassing all warfare domains (AAW, ASW, ASuW, Land Attack, Command Ship…). DCNS is the prime contractor of the FREMM programme, the largest European naval defence programme. Two FREMM will be dedicated to Area Air and Missile defence for the French Navy. These frigates are strong candidates to contribute to the future NATO BMD architectures for which DCNS has been selected as part of a multinational consortium led by the US Company Leidos.

Besides the French programme, FREMM frigates have already experienced two export successes (Morocco and Egypt). Last August, the FREMM Tahya Misr delivered to Egypt participated in Suez Canal expansion celebrations.

At this stage of the programme, 4 FREMM have already been delivered and three FREMM are currently at different stages of construction in France, demonstrating DCNS’s ability to successfully achieve a serial production

• The concept ship XWIND4000 combines all of the Group’s main innovations for future naval surface systems: innovative all-digital design, intuitive human-systems interfaces, integrated superstructures, naval integration of drones, innovative combat bridge, new generation operations center, hybrid propulsion system… All these innovations will be available on DCNS surface ships in the short to medium term future.

• The SETIS integrated combat management system, developed for the needs of Navies ensuring naval supremacy missions, already equips the multi-mission FREMM frigates and will be integrated on the corvettes of the Royal Malaysian Navy and the Egyptian Navy. Capitalizing on the long and rich experience of DCNS in systems, the SETIS combat system integrates sensors, weapons and communications systems, providing a full range of warfare capabilities.


• CANTO-V, represents a breakthrough in the field of anti-torpedo defence for existing and future surface ships. Based on the confusion-and-dilution concept, it is the only solution capable of protecting surface vessels against both the most advanced and the previous generations of torpedoes. A variant, CANTO-S, has been developed for protecting submarines.


• DCNS offers a wide range of support services during the entire lifecycle of both surface ships and submarines. These services stretch from the simplest order of spare parts to the through-life support of complete fleet. Capitalizing on its expertise in naval technologies, DCNS has developed through-life support solutions combining quality and innovation, guaranteeing Navies optimum availability for their equipment, ships and fleets. On top of current support operations, DCNS can carry out modernisation and life extension programmes to maintain fleet availability at optimal cost. DCNS also offers a complete set of courses and solutions designed to train all levels of naval and industrial personnel, from the start of a project through decommissioning and/or dismantling. Finally, DCNS proposes services in naval bases and shipyards from the Design, Engineering, Construction and Operation to the maintenance of these infrastructures. This global offer is designed to help navies to maintain and expand their self-sufficiency with technology transfer programs.

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