U.S. Department Of DSCA and Acutec Precision Machining Win “Best in Show” Honors at Paris Air Show

Among the 260-plus exhibitors spread over 5,000 square meters of space in the U.S International Pavilion at this year’s Paris Air Show, two stands were selected "Best in Show" by an independent panel of judges asked by the Pavilion organizers, Kallman Worldwide, to simply "find the best."

The Best in Show award is an annual honor presented at the biennial Paris and Farnborough air shows by Kallman’s Creative Services division to recognize innovation in trade show exhibit design and presentation. The company presents two awards at each show, one for stands larger than 36 sqm, and one for stands smaller than 36 sqm.

This year’s winning stand over 36 sqm was the U.S. Department of Defense Security Cooperation Agency. The winning stand under 36 sqm was Acutec Precision Machining. Judges recognized each exhibitor for their successful use of color, technology, open space and lighting to attract and engage trade visitors.

The Department of Defense Security Cooperation Agency stand was distinctive for its stage-like design, featuring a large platform entrance punctuated by interactive kiosks in front of a frosted glass entrance to private conference areas. Large color panels of blue, red and gold declared the stand as a leadership destination, validated by backlighted seals for each of the U.S. service branches and the Department of Defense.

In contrast, the Acutec stand was notable for its prominent use of white panels, cabinets and furnishings illuminated by recessed lighting and decorated by colorful product photos to give the smaller stand a bigger presence on the floor.

"This year’s Best in Show winners exemplify how form and function work together to create exciting, successful trade show stands," said Ann Kallman, Director of Kallman Creative Services. "No matter how busy they are, professionals looking for business solutions at a trade show will always stop and take a second look at an attractive, accessible exhibit."

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