The Nexter Group will expose the VBCI with a T40 turret at the IDEX 2015 exhibition

Over several decades, Nexter has established a relationship of trust with the United Arab Emirates, symbolised by the signing of the Leclerc MBT contract in 1993. With two offices in the Middle-East, Nexter has a presence on the ground which makes daily contact with UAE forces easier and ensures the sustainability of the Group’s relations in the country.

During the IDEX exhibition, from February 22 to 26, Nexter will unveil for the first time a VBCI IFV fitted with the T40 turret on its booth (CP 240/260). This turret is equipped with the 40CTAS, a revolutionary 40mm cannon developed by CTA International and recently qualified and selected by the French Army for its future JAGUAR recce vehicle and by the British Army for its Scout programme. The VBCI stands today as the "combat proven" reference of the 8X8 market, already deployed in Lebanon (2011-), Afghanistan (2010-2012), Mali (2013-), and Central African Republic (2014-).

Nexter will also present for the first time in the Middle-East TITUS®, its latest 6×6 versatile armoured vehicle.

ARAVIS®, recently chosen by the Gabonese Army to equip its battalion engaged in the Central African Republic and already in service in a middle-eastern country, will also be exposed on Nexter’s booth, as well as the UAE forces’ Leclerc main battle tank equipped with the AZUR urban operations kit.
In addition to this complete armoured vehicle offer, Nexter presents at IDEX its know-how in artillery systems with CAESAR® self-propelled 155mm/52 cal. howitzer, used by the French Army in Lebanon, Afghanistan and Mali, and the 105mm Light Towed Gun 105LG1 which is in service in six different armies.
Nexter Ammunition Business Group, composed of Nexter Munitions, Mecar and Simmel Difesa companies, will exhibit its wide range of ammunition from 20 up to 155mm, dedicated to land systems (artillery, mortars, infantry, light armoured vehicles and tanks), naval systems, and aeronautic systems.
The Nexter Robotics NERVA® robots family will also be presented on the booth with its whole range of innovations.
Some of the most innovative products from Nexter’s subsidiaries Nexter Mechanics, NBC-sys, Optsys and Euro-shelter will also be showcased.


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