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Pursuit of perfection:  GRIPEN NG

Mena Adel Today we live in a world that is very different from the previous times, especially after the epidemic crisis that spread around the whole world in 2020. Also due to the quarantine methods to cope with the epidemic “global arms production was not fully immune to the impact …

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The dominance of NATO fighters in the Middle East

MENA ADEL The Middle East was and still is one of the hottest regions on the global level, and with many geopolitical changes, it is a very large market for combat aircraft, and it has witnessed a very big competition for decades between Western and Eastern companies, up to the …

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Anatolian Wolf Angers Poseidon

Mena Adel For decades, tension has spread in the eastern Mediterranean, and it is considered one of the hottest areas of conflict, especially in the Greek-Turkish theater, and to complement that in 2021 we witness two exercises in this region:1-The Turkish wolf howlsThe Turkish Air Force and Navy have completed …

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