Thales Signs Agreement with HP to Collaborate on Next Generation Critical Communication Systems

Thales has signed an agreement with HP to collaborate on the delivery of next generation critical communications systems to help emergency services respond more effectively to rising public expectations for safety.

Thales and HP will combine their expertise to offer secure, integrated voice and data services based on LTE technology as well as joined-up R&D and service delivery capabilities to meet the emergency services’ critical communications requirements.

The combined communication system enables emergency services to make better-informed decisions in terms of public safety, first responder safety and mobile access to critical data, whilst at the same time meeting the stricter budgetary considerations faced by modern security services. The two companies will work together to combine technology, capability, innovation and products to deliver a highly scalable and adaptable package of capabilities and services that can be configured to meet the specific needs of individual emergency services around the world.

Thales delivers the critical communications technology on their application of LTE public safety communications and their expertise in fully integrating commercial mobile networks. HP will bring its proven expertise in the delivery of mission-critical, secure end-to-end cloud-based IT services to government institutions. This collaboration will seek to develop an innovative service in terms of efficiency and functionality for the benefit of emergency services.  

The combined offering, titled ‘COMIT’ demonstrates a commitment to bring the best in communications and information technology services to end customers, as well as ensuring an integrated way of working across separate emergency services. 

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