Thales and Ultra Electronics establish a partnership on a New Generation Line-of-Sight High-Capacity Radio

 Thales and Ultra Electronics TCS have established a partnership to provide the next generation of high-capacity communications systems for use in theatre of operations. Based on the expertise of the two leading companies in High-Capacity Line-of-Sight (HCLOS) communications, this initiative resulted in the new TN 4100 product family. The TN 4100 provides a suite of capabilities that significantly enhances operational flexibility and allows users to respond to the demands of today’s operations and beyond.

The new TN 4100 line-of-sight radio enhances the Thales NEXIUM Theatre tactical networking solution by enabling the flexibility to support high-capacity transmission, regardless of the mission. Developed using the latest and most flexible Line-of-Sight technology, the TN 4100 offers high capacity communications via a tri-channel, dual-band 3+ and 4 IP platform, and supports point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, on-the-move and mesh applications.

Georges Touloupas, Vice-President Mobile Networks, Thales, commented: “After a long history of high reputation Line-of-Sight products at Thales, we have decided to join our competencies with Ultra Electronics TCS in order to offer our customers a new generation Line-of-Sight high-capacity radio. The TN 4100’s high level of performance in terms of throughput, distance, communication topology, flexibility, and security is bringing Thales’ tactical network solutions a step ahead in the military communication markets.”

Iwan Jemczyk, President, Ultra Electronics TCS, also commented: “Our collaboration has resulted in a unified communications solution for long distance, high-capacity communications, with on-the-move and Electronic Counter- Countermeasures (ECCM) capabilities, in a single microwave radio that provides Gigabit speeds to the battlefield. The TN 4100 line-of-sight radio will allow users to keep pace with technology advances, significantly reducing long term support and enhancement costs.”

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