Satair A/S Gets Distributorship for Newly FAA Approved 90-days Underwater Locator Beacons

With its established reputation of supplying state-of-the-art sonar relocation and tracking systems, RJE International, Inc. has received FAA certification for its new 90 days Underwater Locator Beacon for which Satair will be the authorised distributor.

ELP-362D90 Underwater Locator Beacon is a highly reliable and low maintenance sonar beacon with minimum 90 days of battery life as mandated by TSO-C121b. With the new 90-days certification of operation in water, search crews are given an additional sixty days to recover the flight data and cockpit voices or “black boxes” of commercial and military aircraft.

Satair, a world leader in sales and distribution of spares for aircraft maintenance, will continue to serve as worldwide authorised distributor as of February 2015 for the ELP-362D90 – the successor to the very popular ELP-362D which was acquired from Teledyne Benthos – and already has stock to serve customer needs.

“Recent tragic events of aircraft crashes show that extending the operational life of Underwater Locator Beacons is crucial to understanding the cause of a potential crash. We are pleased that Satair now offers the new 90-days beacon. It does not only meet the new EASA conversion requirements – from 30 to 90 days – it also offers 33% more operational life and a longer guarantee compared to the competition,” said Vice-President Satair Sales and Product Management at Satair Group, Morten Olsen.

Being the first to have brought the 90 days beacon to the market back in 1992, RJE International prides itself in bringing new innovation to this product.

RJE International recently moved to a larger facility in Irvine, California in order to manufacture this product line as well as the new ELP-362M underwater beacons for voyage data recorders on ships.

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