Amman, 10 May 2016. Parabot, the African super hero robot, is towering over the Special Operations Forces Exhibition (SOFEX 2016) to celebrate the critical role that Special Forces across the Middle East play in securing the safety of their countries and citizens.

Standing at nearly ten meters tall and weighing a tonne, Parabot has the body of the world’s most advanced armoured vehicle, and a mission to stand firm with Special Forces who are placing their lives at risk to protect and serve.    

Developed by Paramount Group, the African-based global defence and aerospace business,

Parabot’s design is based on Paramount’s armoured fighting vehicle, Mbombe 6, which was selected by the Jordanian Armed Forces as the latest and most advanced 6×6 armoured vehicle to protect their special forces. The Mbombe 6 is on display at Sofex.

Speaking about Parabot’s presence at Sofex 2016, Ivor Icikowitz, Chairman of Paramount Group said: “We are very proud that the Jordanian Armed Forces selected our Mbombe 6 as the new armoured fighting vehicle for their special forces. Parabot is at Sofex to celebrate this important partnership between us and Jordan and to show solidarity with Special Forces across the region.

“Special forces are the unsung heroes who are fighting wars every day to protect us. Parabot salutes these special forces who are in their own right super heroes.”

#ParabotinJordan – the stats

Parabot’s concept and design is based on Paramount Group’s 6×6 armoured fighting vehicle, the Mbombe 6, which has been selected by the Jordanian Armed Forces

Weight:1 tonne

Height: 9.7m

Hours to build: 600 man hours

Mission: Protecting Africa’s wildlife from poaching

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