Oy Sisu Auto Ab delivered SISU GTP 4×4 off-road vehicles for Finnish Army

Oy Sisu Auto Ab has delivered the complete batch of SISU GTP 4×4 vehicles based on an order from Finnish Defence Forces in June, 2020. The delivery includes two different armored vehicle configurations, five-seater general purpose vehicles and ten-seater armored personnel carrier vehicles, as such suitable for numerous operational needs calling for protection and mobility, as well as suitability for today’s missions of asymmetric nature.

The delivery project was carried out in close cooperation with the Customer. During the project, pre-serial vehicles were tested by various troops, and user feedback was collected, and implemented as features in the delivered vehicles. As a result, the delivered vehicles are configured to meet with demanding user and operation specific requirements. In addition, the vehicle technology of these armored products is based on mass-produced truck components. Therefore, the life cycle costs are low and the support network is extensive, ensuring the security of supply and maintainability both domestically and internationally.

The SISU GTP vehicle family is modular and therefore easily variable for different operational tasks. The vehicles have congruent backbones, and the mission module -type body structures are interchangeable. Thanks to this truly modular design, the delivery of vehicles in task-specific configurations is quick and economical.

In addition to the SISU GTP 4×4 APC and SISU GTP 4×4 GP vehicles, the delivery scope included comprehensive operation and maintenance instructions and spare parts kits suitable for field use.

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