Lincad develops hand–held radio battery for Thales

Lincad, a leader in the design and manufacture of specialist batteries, chargers and power management systems, is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the contract to design the battery for a new hand-held radio application being developed by Thales.

It was as recently as November 2014 that Lincad was approached to undertake this time-critical project, which required the rapid generation of design and test data, and regular development gateways to minimise project risk. Lincad’s flexible working methods enabled the company to commence the preliminary project tasks immediately.

As well as undertaking the necessary cell approval, electronic design and regulatory work involved in any new battery development, Lincad has partnered with a third party mechanical design house, associated with the radio project from inception, to act in an advisory role on the physical implementation of the battery housing. Open and effective three way communications, critical to the rapid progression of the design into the prototyping phase, has been achieved with regular meetings and teleconferences.

Lincad has been able to call on its existing, well-established supplier network to provide the necessary piece parts to begin prototype build within only six weeks of receiving the go ahead. Approval to progress the design was achieved in late January 2015 with progression to an approved prototype build standard in early March 2015.

The first offs are already in manufacture and Lincad remains ready to support the product development through the up-coming test phases.

Peter Slade, Project Manager for Lincad, commented:
“We’re delighted to have this opportunity to work with Thales again, and to demonstrate our ability to deliver a quality product under tight time constraints. It’s a good example of how Lincad works, providing excellent service to major players within the defence sector.”

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