Eurofighter Typhoon taking off from Leonardo plant in Turin heading Kuwait (credits @alessandromaggia)

Leonardo: the third and fourth Eurofighter Typhoons landed yesterday in Kuwait

  • Eurofighter Kuwait programme is progressing in line with expectations and with success in terms of deliveries. 
  • Acceptance activities were completed by a combined effort of Kuwaiti and Italian personnel from the Joint International Program Office. 

 The third and fourth Eurofighter Typhoons for the Air Force of Kuwait landed yesterday in country in the framework of a wider order for a total of 28 aircraft that will be delivered to the Kuwait Air Force

The ferry flight for the new Kuwaiti Eurofighters was made possible thanks to the Italian Air Force’s essential support, which guaranteed the “Air to Air Refueling trail”. This was achieved through a complex operational activity involving one KC-767A tanker from 14th Wing, Pratica di Mare. 

Guido Sibona, Vice President of Leonardo’s Eurofighter Programme, said: “I was very proud last month seeing Eurofighters to fly over Kuwait City during the National Day celebration, such as today increasing as planned the fleet. The Eurofighter Typhoons we have developed and produced for the Kuwait Air Force are the most advanced in the whole of the European program. In cooperation with the Italian Air Force we are providing the Country with an impressive air defence capability and we built state-of-the-art infrastructures to support and maintain a fleet of 28 aircraft.” 

The Eurofighter Kuwait Programme is part of a wider and deeper collaboration between the Italian Air Force and the Kuwait Air Force, spanning over operations, pilots training and support. 

The Italian Air Force is ensuring, in Italy, the initial training of the engineers and technicians who will support the Typhoon fleet activity in Country. 

 Leonardo also plays a key role in the evolution of the Eurofighter thanks to the new AESA (Active Electronically Scanned Array) radar that equips the Eurofighter Typhoons for Kuwait, which increases the aircraft’s performance and competitiveness. 

The Eurofighter aircraft benefits from a well-defined programme of technological updating and improvement that guarantees its competitiveness throughout its entire lifecycle. Constantly evolving technologies, both on board the aircraft and in the context of logistical support, increase its operational effectiveness, survivability, and efficient management. The Eurofighter programme is a cornerstone in the development of European aerospace and defence technologies and provides the industries involved with technological leadership that will guarantee competitiveness for many next generation programmes. 

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