Leonardo presents defence solutions for Romania and beyond at BSDA Bucharest

Leonardo is again attending BSDA, the biennial international Defence, Aerospace and Security exhibition in Bucharest, Romania. This year, the company will be presenting advanced multi-domain technologies and solutions for Romanian and other Balkan region defence requirements. Throughout the event, Leonardo will be demonstrating its readiness to respond to a geopolitical environment that demands reliable and effective defence solutions

Leonardo, a global leader in the Aerospace, Defence and Security sector, develops multi-domain integrated technologies that effectively meet the needs of every mission, ensuring operational superiority in every domain (Air, Land, Sea, Space and Cyber). In line with its business values, also in Romania Leonardo approaches the market proposing a business model widely open to the local cooperation and the development industrial synergies. 

Among its aircraft programs, Leonardo’s highlight at the show is the C-27J Spartan Next Generation in an ISR (Intelligence, Reconnaissance, Surveillance) configuration, being pitched for evolving requirements for complex, multi-domain scenarios. Proven in service with sixteen operators at all latitude and in particular with the Romanian Air Force, in its Next Generation variant of the aircraft offers a more advanced avionic suite and systems, enhanced aerodynamics and, in its ISR configuration, new roll-on/roll-off sensors and equipment including AESA surveillance radar, Electro-Optical/Infra- Red (EO/IR) system and Electronic Support Measure (ESM) for ISR and SIGINT/ELINT missions. For Electronic Warfare missions (counter-radio controlled IED, electronic attack, comms, intel ops broadcast) a dedicated suite can be added. The Mission System, also developed by Leonardo and based on palletized, quickly removable equipment, manages the installed sensors, analyzes the information gathered  and performs true data fusion, providing operators and pilots with a detailed, real-time tactical picture. 

 As a world leader in advanced training systems and technologies thanks to its M-345 and M-346 jet aircraft and their Integrated Training System, Leonardo can cover the full pilot training syllabus and improve the operational skills of any modern Air Force. The world-leading twin engine M-346 covers the latest generation of advanced/Lead in to Fighter Training (LIFT) phases of pilot training while the new, single engine M-345 jet was designed as the optimal solution for a pilot’s basic to advanced training. Leonardo’s technology leadership is also underlined by the International Flight Training School (IFTS) initiative: IFTS is the result of a strategic collaboration between the Italian Air Force and Leonardo to establish a global centre of excellence for advanced military pilot training in Italy: it has already been chosen by the air forces of Qatar, Germany and Japan

Romania has several medium to long-term requirements in the helicopter sector for both defence and security duties. This includes multirole platforms for both land and naval applications, combat helicopters and law enforcement aircraft. The AW149 (or alternatively the AW139M) represents an ideal and modern solution to meet both land and naval multi-mission needs thanks to its inherent versatility and high level of customizability. Meanwhile, the most advanced ASW/ASuW helicopter in its category available in the market today, the AW159, is being offered to strengthen anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare capabilities in the Black Sea for either land or ship-based operations. Romania is also considering new combat helicopters: the latest-generation AW249 combat helicopter would provide unprecedented technology, performance and supportability to face present and future battlefield scenarios, including the potential for industrial collaboration. In the longer term, the AW109 light twin, extremely popular among homeland security operators worldwide, is well positioned to respond to new requirements for law enforcement helicopters in the country, thanks to superior performance, cabin flexibility, modern tailored solutions and kits. 

Leonardo offers a wide range of electronics across all domains (air, land, sea, space, cyber), with advanced solutions for security and defence within and beyond national borders. In airborne technologies, Leonardo is proposing its Mode 5 identification friend/foe M428 IFF compact transponder to the Romanian market, helping allied forces to distinguish potential threats and safely cooperate in multi-domain coalition operations. More than 1,000 M428 IFF transponders have been already sold worldwide and today they are in use on air platforms as well as on land and in the naval domain. 

M428 is just part of the company’s wide portfolio of Mode 5 IFF solutions, which also include interrogators, antennas and crypto equipment for multi-domain applications. 

To meet Romania’s border patrol requirements, Leonardo is offering its Falco EVO UAS (Uncrewed Aerial System). The drone is designed for tactical ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) roles and has a number of characteristics that make it an ideal tool for such missions, monitoring large areas of land and sea and enabling timely, targeted interventions. These include its ability to fly in all-weather conditions, any time, day and night, its more than 16 hours of flight endurance, its 100kg of sensor capacity and its communications capabilities, which allow the aircraft to transmit high-quality images and real time data. 

As a naval Combat Management System integrator, Leonardo provides command, control and communication systems, radars, other sensors and naval defence systems. Products on show at BSDA include the Vulcano 76mm ammunition for the naval domain, part of the latest generation of the Vulcano family, available in both unguided and the guided variants (BER – Ballistic Extended Range; GLR – Guided Long Range). The family also includes Vulcano 127mm ammunition and, for land applications, 155mm, able to reach a range of up to 70 km. Another key technology being promoted to Romania is GEM’s coastal surveillance radar. Leonardo has recently acquired a 30% stake of share capital in GEM Elettronica, to strengthen its position in the naval sector. 

Leonardo is also exhibiting technologies in the Space domain at BSDA. Through the Space Alliance, a strategic partnership between Leonardo with Thales, the joint ventures Telespazio and Thales Alenia Space offer a unique range of end-to-end solutions to operators, governments, institutions and space agencies, from satellite manufacturing to services. Telespazio is also present in Romania through RARTEL S.A. a joint venture with RADIOCOM (Societatea Națională de Radiocomunicații S.A). The Space Alliance addresses numerous space applications, including telecommunications, navigation, Earth observation, exploration, transportation systems and orbital infrastructures. These are complemented by space payloads and equipment including robotic arms and drills, optical sensors, atomic clocks and solar panels designed and manufactured by Leonardo. 

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