Frontiers Launches its Revolutionary eKnight Suit at IDEX 2015

Frontiers, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Ship Building PJSC, today launched its state-of-the-art "eKnight"-suit at the International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX 2015). As a regional leader specializing in the development of modern, integrated solutions for land, air and naval platforms, Frontiers is demonstrating the effective use of advanced technologies in the defense industry through the eKnight-suit.
Based on a Future Soldier concept, the eKnight-suit is a modular, scalable and system agnostic offering that integrates arrays of sensors and communications systems to provide infantry with significantly higher combat potential. It also helps identify potential capabilities that may be required by soldiers in the future.

With C4I technologies (Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence) at its core, the eKnight-suit also has the ability to provide soldiers with information and ensure instant connectivity to command and control. eKnight’s network-enabled capabilities also ensure better use of battlefield information throughout the command chain, including vehicles and dismounted soldiers.

Khalfan Al Shamsi, Frontiers CEO, said: "At Frontiers, we aspire to contribute to the growth of the technology sector in the UAE by developing state-of-the-art solutions that further cement the country’s status as a leader for advanced technology adoption in the region. eKnight is a technological breakthrough for the military and defense industry, delivered to the world from Abu Dhabi by Frontiers experts."
"Based on a service-oriented architecture and field-enhanced capabilities, eKnight is an effective training, debriefing and battle damage assessment tool that will offer secure and reliable communications to ensure overall mission effectiveness on the battlefield. By combining new types and combinations of technologies, Frontiers continues to pave the way for technological excellence in the UAE’s security and defense industry by developing an integrated system for the soldier of the future," he added.

With eKnight, the dismounted soldier is connected to a command and control network that exchanges real-time situational awareness information, engagement orders, logistics information and close air support coordination data. It also enables night mobility, target acquisition, observation and aiming, ballistics, shooting around the corner, SWAT missions and protection against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear warfare. In addition, the suit offers a cluster of integral components that include a helmet mounted display, helmet and rifle mounted sensors, a handheld battlefield C2 system, a frontline soldier radio, a SS-wave handheld and man pack software defined radio, advanced power cells, tactical satellite antennae and a Scorpio grenade launcher fire control system.

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