Exelis at IDEX 2015

Exelis will be showcasing a diverse array of its advanced, affordable, and ready-now technologies and solutions at IDEX 2015, from Feb. 22 – 26 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, located at Booth 03-A07, U.S. Pavilion.

Exelis is a global leader in command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) providing civilian and commercial products and solutions. Several of these products and solutions will be on display, including:

The Individual Soldier System – integrates voice, video and data into tactical networks allowing commanders to view what soldiers are seeing, send instructions like texts, alerts or images directly to the goggle’s display;

CorvusEye 1500™ wide-area airborne surveillance system – this complements traditional video surveillance systems by providing high-resolution, visible color and infrared motion imagery over a wide area up to 1.24 miles in diameter.
White Phosphor capability – provides night vision users with a black and white image instead of the traditional green image that has become the signature view through most Generation 3 night vision technology;

Enhanced High Capacity Data Radio (EnHCDR) – a networked radio that provides high bandwidth data and can simultaneously support voice and data with full motion video;

Integrated Protection and Transmission Systems (iProTxS) – a small, lightweight technology that enables uninterrupted communications between combat network radios despite nearby jamming signals, without compromising network security;

The newly upgraded SpearNet-EVO™ – a 21st century communications system bringing voice, situational awareness (SA) and inter-networking access that surpasses traditional point-to-point communication system limitations on range and data rate;

Tactical Mobility – Night Vision Goggle – a Gen-3 light weight F6044 series night vision goggle offering integrated color display import and camera capture export capabilities with optimum resolution, high gain, and photo response to near infrared with variable gain control for enhanced performance in changing light conditions.


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