Cubic’s Intific Selected to Develop Infantry-Level Virtual Test Bed Technology for DARPA

Cubic Global Defense, a business of Cubic Corporation, announced the selection of its subsidiary Intific by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop a virtual test bed for the agency’s Tactical Technology Office (TTO). The virtual test bed is intended to provide a realistic virtual training environment for the evaluation of squad-level-focused technologies to be developed under DARPA’s Squad X Core Technologies (SXCT) program.

In addition, the test bed would enable a cost-efficient and effective way to test concepts and systems in order to support combat and capability developers. It would also assist support research and development programs.

Intific received the first phase award to begin developing a prototype/proof of concept of the virtual test bed. If successful, Intific in subsequent option phases would build in gamification features, increased capabilities and scalability. The overall effort has a potential value of more than $5 million over approximately 33 months.

“Our designers, engineers and researchers at Intific have a proven track record of developing realistic high-end immersive simulations for the military,” said Bill Toti, president of Cubic Global Defense. “We are honored to be selected by DARPA to provide a virtual test bed that aims to leverage advancements in game engines to take testing and concept development to the next level.”

Leveraging Intific’s extensive background in commercial software development, the new virtual test bed would adapt the latest innovations in first-person gaming engines and add defense-specific scenario- and technology-generation systems. This innovation would allow users to quickly and accurately build new virtual equipment and test capabilities and tactics in order to perform rapid assessments and validations. The test bed would also amplify opportunities for concept development, testing and procurement of next-generation infantry equipment, including weapons, sensors and unmanned vehicles. The combination of game-based, virtual and realistic training applications of the test bed would accurately model real military systems for easier adoption and engagement with military users at the squad combat level.

As a concept testing tool, the new virtual test bed by Cubic’s Intific team is anticipated to deploy by Q4 of fiscal year 2017 to support U.S. military forces with additional possibilities to support various Department of Defense programs in the future.

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