Comrod at IDEX 2015

Comrod will be attending IDEX 2015 and will be exhibiting a range of manpack and vehicle antennas, antenna control systems, sectional support masts, telescopic support masts, power supplies and battery chargers.

Comrod Communication Group is an international company with development, production, sales & marketing of antennas and antenna systems, support masts, power supplies and battery chargers to the defence communication market. The Group also supplies antennas and antenna systems for commercial marine, as well as composite industrial products for the offshore and defence industry. Comrod Communication Group products are associated with innovative, high quality communication solutions and long-lasting products.

The Norwegian subsidiary, Comrod AS, is a supplier of antennas, antenna systems and power supplies, mainly for the defence market, but also for other maritime and commercial applications.

Comrod France SA, is a supplier of masts and mast systems, antennas and composite industrial products.

Comrod Sweden AB (formerly WIBE Telescopic Masts) are a world leader in the design and manufacture of crank-up aluminium telescopic masts.

The Group headquarters are located at Stavanger in South-Western Norway.

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