Bruker to Exhibit New DE-tector™ Device at IDEX 2015

Bruker, a leading analytical instrumentation company, will be exhibiting its latest bench-top detection device, the DE-tector, at this year’s IDEX, Abu Dhabi.

This addition to the company’s world-leading product line-up is the first European- built explosive trace detector to meet the European Civil Aviation Conference’s (ECAC) Common Evaluation Process of Security Equipment (CEP) for airport checkpoint screening of passengers and baggage.

The DE-tector, which was accredited by ECAC in November last year, uses a patented non-radioactive HEPI™-source, which significantly lowers the administrative and compliance burden. The system provides exceptional trace detection capabilities whilst maintaining a low false alarm rate.

An intuitive ‘traffic light’ user interface and minimised user interaction resulting from the incorporation of automatic calibration, along with a 12-month maintenance cycle, reduces the total cost of training, maintenance and operation.

Dr. Norbert Kloepper, Head of the Bruker explosives trace detector business, commented: “The 44 nations of the European Civil Aviation Conference represent a significant business opportunity for Bruker Detection. Many of our potential clients from EU countries have delayed their explosives trace detector acquisitions until the new ECAC CEP standard had been established and applied to systems submitted for testing. As a key ETD supplier, we believe we are well positioned to satisfy customer requirementsfor certified equipment with strong local training and service support.”


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