Boeing Maritime Surveillance Aircraft at IDEX 2015

The Boeing company will be helding a media briefing concerning the Boeing Maritime Surveillance Aircraft at IDEX 2015 Exhibition. The briefing will be conducted by Robert Schoeffling, Senior Manager, Business Development, Maritime Surveillance Aircraft, Boeing Military Aircraft.

Boeing Maritime Surveillance Aircraft
Boeing, the world leader in military-commercial derivative aircraft, is developing a new derivative– the Boeing Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (MSA). Boeing MSA does more than leverage past programs; it directly applies advanced, proven, fielded intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities from the Boeing P-8, AWACS and AEW&C programs to solve customers’ maritime domain awareness challenges.

The Boeing Maritime Surveillance Aircraft is a fully integrated, modular, open architecture solution built using a combination of the latest military and commercial-off-the-shelf technologies to deliver maximum capability in this class of aircraft. Paired with the Bombardier Challenger business jet, Boeing MSA delivers reliable, cost-effective operations with the ability to operate from any air base, in any weather, anywhere in the world. The Challenger is an ideal platform to host the mission system, sensors and communications equipment. It also provides the power, payload capacity, range, speed and endurance for MSA’s missions which include anti-piracy; coastal and border security; immigration patrols and long-range search and rescue.

The dual-screen multi-touch mission crew workstation broadens situational awareness, simplifies operation and training, and enables crew workload sharing for maximum mission effectiveness. Precision sensors, interoperable data links and high bandwidth line of sight and satellite communication options allow the Boeing MSA to collect, process, exploit and disseminate actionable intelligence products to national and coalition forces.

Boeing MSA’s advanced sensor and mission suite also excels at secondary missions, including overland surveillance and electronic warfare support. The capabilities include an active electronically scanned array (AESA) multi-mode radar, high definition electro-optical infrared (EO/IR) sensor, communications intelligence (COMMINT) sensor Electronic Support Measures (ESM) and an Automatic Identification System (AIS) .

This multi-mission combination of capabilities is highly effective over sea as well as land.
Structural modifications have been completed on a Boeing-owned Challenger 604 by Field Aviation at its facility in Toronto. Mission systems were installed in Seattle, Wash., where initial ground and flight testing was conducted and completed. The demonstrator aircraft is now ready for customer demonstration flights.

General Characteristics:

MSA Technical Specifications
• Wing Span 65 ft 19.8 m
• Height 21 ft 6.4 m
• Length 69 ft 21 m
• Propulsion Two advanced, high bypass turbofans
8,700+ lbs 3,950+ kg thrust
• High Speed Cruise M 0.80+ 459+ ktas (knots true air speed)
• Ceiling 41,000 ft 12,497 m
• Crew 2 pilots, 3 to 5 mission crew
• Max Gross Takeoff Weight 48,200 lb 21,863 kg
• Endurance 8+hrs ISR profile, 8+hrs Maritime Patrol profile

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