ARQUUS introduces its unique Advanced Survivability System, fitted on the VAB MK3

 To answer the needs for advanced capabilities in conflicts of growing intensity, ARQUUS is constantly integrating top-level technologies in its vehicles to further increase their mobility and protection. European leader of protected land mobility, ARQUUS is an expert of vehicle conception and systems integration. 

 Conceptor, manufacturer and maintenance services provider for the world-famous VAB, which has been the battle horse of the French Army for decades, ARQUUS brings more than 40 years of combat experience in wheeled vehicles to constantly serve and develop a unique product, the VAB MK3, an extremely mobile and multi-purpose infantry fighting vehicle

At IDEX 2019, ARQUUS is introducing a unique solution. Thought as a complete system and designed to be the best in class protected combat vehicle, the VAB MK3 equipped with the Advanced Survivability System combines cutting edge technologies and technical excellence. 

On top of its native low profile which grants the Véhicule de l’Avant Blindé with unique stealth in all terrains, the VAB Mk3 now presents new ballistic & mine protection features of the highest standard. These new capabilities significantly improve the protection of the vehicle and its crew against all the conventional threats of the battlefield. 

The VAB Mk3 is the first vehicle protected against Tandem Warhead Threats. The integrated systems aboard the vehicle detect the impact of warheads on the hull, and launch countermeasures which negate the tandem warhead effect. 

To ensure the best possible level of tactical awareness and decision process, the VAB Mk3 has also been equipped with ARQUUS’ own Battlenet information and communication system. 

The VAB Mk3 is a family of 6×6 medium weight armored vehicles offering very high level performance in terms of mobility, protection and payload. The vehicle, driven from behind the windshield, provides the on-board commander and driver with a wide view, allowing for excellent direct observation and situational awareness. ARQUUS offers the VAB Mk3 with a complete systems package integrating top-level technologies and allowing the completion of all combat missions in collaborative mode. 

The VAB MK3 offers performance close to an 8×8 with an excellent cost-efficiency. It also benefits from the global Volvo/Renault Trucks maintenance network

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