An Egyptian expert comments on the Moroccan Air Force’s acquisition of American “F-16” fighters

The Moroccan Air Force will get 24 American F-16 fighter jets, after the Pentagon approved the deal.

The Royal Moroccan Armed Forces are preparing Benslimane and Benjerir military bases to receive the latest advanced type of F-16 combat aircraft by June 30, 2024.

In an interview with the Defense Arabia, the specialist in the field of military aviation, Mena Adel, commented on Morocco’s acquisition of American fighters, saying, “The Moroccan experience with F-16 fighters is very similar to the Polish experience with the same fighters, as both parties preferred this type of aircraft over its competitors during Its tender due to the flexibility of its armament and its multiple advantages.”

Adel praised the high level of pilots of the Moroccan “F-16 Block 52” fighters, especially in ground-strike missions and engagement with air defense platforms.

He pointed out that: “Moroccan pilots, with the new standard of the F-16 fighter, will have the upper hand in future air battles, and ground defenses with its long-range cruise missiles.”

Adel added: “The Moroccan Air Force is currently one of the best in the Arab world, because it is very modern advanced munitions, and its ability to preform multiple kinds of tasks.”

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