Unveiling Egypt’s Advanced Jet-Powered Drones: Enhancing Defense Capabilities and Bolstering Arsenal

The Egyptian Armed Forces have recently unveiled a remarkable achievement, successfully developing and manufacturing a series of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) equipped with cutting-edge Turbojet engines. These drones, boasting exceptional capabilities, are poised to significantly enhance Egypt’s air defense prowess and enrich its arsenal.

Taba 1 and Taba 2: Unparalleled Speed and Maneuverability

Among these groundbreaking UAVs, the “Taba 1” stands out as a prime example. This remarkable drone showcases an impressive flight speed of up to 500 kilometers per hour, reaching a maximum altitude of 6 kilometers. With its exceptional endurance capabilities, the Taba 1 can remain airborne for up to 50 minutes, making it an ideal platform for training missions and reconnaissance operations.

The “Taba 2” emerges as an enhanced version of its predecessor, featuring a unique design incorporating front canards, also known as “canard fins.” These canards empower the drone to execute sharp aerial maneuvers at a blazing speed of up to 850 kilometers per hour, while maintaining its aerial presence for an extended duration of 8 hours.

“The Agile Egyptian Bird”: A Perfect Target for Air Defense

The “EAB-3A,” also known as the “Agile Egyptian Bird,” represents another exceptional model within Egypt’s UAV portfolio. This drone excels as a target for air defense weaponry and equipment, particularly missile systems, due to its high detectability and trackability by radar and thermal imaging systems.


The “Agile Egyptian Bird” boasts a remarkable flight speed ranging between 20 and 400 kilometers per hour, with an endurance capability of up to 50 minutes. Its maximum takeoff weight stands at 20 kilograms, while its operational range extends to an impressive 80 kilometers.

Multiple Launch and Precise Control

The “Taba” and “Agile Egyptian Bird” UAVs are launched using a specialized launcher capable of releasing five target drones simultaneously. These drones are meticulously controlled via a ground-based command and control station mounted on a mobile trailer.

Fortifying Egypt’s Defense Capabilities

The development of these advanced UAVs marks a significant milestone for the Egyptian Armed Forces, contributing substantially to the enhancement of their defense capabilities. These drones introduce a multitude of possibilities across training, reconnaissance, and combat missions, bolstering Egypt’s capacity to effectively address evolving security challenges.

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