Vard Holding Ltd. Chooses New-Generation BlueNaute® Navigation System for New Offshore Vessels

Norwegian shipyard Vard Holding Ltd. has chosen the new BlueNaute® attitude and heading reference system from Sagem (Safran) for its upcoming ocean-going and offshore utility ships.

The first contract signed by Sagem will provide these systems for Vard Holding Ltd’s new-generation Vard 822 and Vard 829 (1) offshore vessels which are innovative, new-generation ocean-going vessels, specially designed to support offshore platforms, lay pipelines, and support underwater activities for different industries.
The BlueNaute® system is based on hemispherical resonator gyros (HRG), an innovative technology patented by Sagem and already used for a number of different applications, from navigation on unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) to attitude control on satellites.

Highly reliable and capable of operating in even the harshest environments, the BlueNaute® navigation system offers MTBF (mean time between failures) exceeding 100,000 hours and an extended lifespan. BlueNaute® marks a major step forward in maintainability and total cost of ownership compared with previous generation navigation systems.

The BlueNaute® system is perfectly suited to navigation requirements on commercial ships, in compliance with the stipulations of the International Maritime Organization and the SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) treaty.

It is produced by Sagem at the Montluçon plant in the Auvergne region of south-central France. Sagem has delivered 200 BlueNaute® systems to date for various maritime applications.

Sagem offers proven expertise in all inertial navigation technologies (mechanical, laser, fiber-optic, vibrating), with more than 60 years of experience in providing civil and military navigation systems around the world.

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