UAE, Egypt launch ‘Zayed 3’ joint marine exercise

Emirati and Egyptian navies are currently engaging in a ten-day joint marine exercise on the UAE waters, as part of the “Zayed 3” military exercise.

This exercise is part of a scheduled military plan between the UAE armed forces and their counterparts in friendly countries to enhance coordination and cooperation, and is an extension of the “Zayed 1” exercise that took place between the two countries in 2014, and the “Zayed 2” exercise which took place in 2017. “Zayed 3”, which was launched in 2021, involves training by ground forces as well as air forces and joint air missions.

The marine drills aim to strengthen joint action between the UAE and Egyptian navies, exchange expertise, and contribute to further enhancing joint marine coordination and cooperation with the aim of continued assimilation and understanding of new tactics, gears and equipment.

They involve training on the ability to conduct marine operations, protect critical infrastructure, and support national defense.

The UAE and Egypt have strong overall relations, reinforced by their military cooperation and ongoing military exercises in three main areas: land, sea and air.

The UAE-Egypt ties are based on a mutual understanding of regional and international challenges, as well as the importance of dealing with these changes through coordinated and integrated policies aimed at maintaining regional security.

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