U.S. Army Contracts Oshkosh Defense to Reset M-ATVs to Achieve Capability and Readiness

The U.S. Army has awarded Oshkosh Defense, LLC, an Oshkosh Corporation company, a base contract plus options to reset 800 Oshkosh-produced Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) All-Terrain Vehicles (M-ATVs). This M-ATV Reset program will help the U.S. Army achieve its goal of standardizing the M-ATV fleet configuration and ensuring that its primary MRAP platform is 100% mission ready following years of operation in theater.

The M-ATV Reset base contract for 500 vehicles was awarded to Oshkosh on August 6, 2014. On December 12, 2014, Oshkosh was awarded three additional contract options for 100 vehicles each. In total, Oshkosh is on contract to reset 800 M-ATVs for a total contract value of more than $77 million. Deliveries are currently underway and will continue through September 2015.

“As the OEM, Oshkosh has the expertise and operational capability to help the U.S. Army achieve its M-ATV fleet goals in the most efficient, cost effective manner,” said John Bryant, senior vice president of defense programs at Oshkosh Defense. “The same supply chain and workforce that originally produced more than 8,700 M-ATVs on an urgent need basis were able to step right in and immediately deliver production-line-quality for this rather complex reset program. We appreciate this opportunity to continue supporting the M-ATV as the MRAP platform of choice for future ground missions.”

The M-ATV Reset process performed at Oshkosh begins with a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle condition and configuration. Following the vehicle evaluation, Oshkosh systematically completes repairs, replaces missing parts, and installs a spectrum of upgrade kits necessary to bring the vehicle to the current configuration for each of the M-ATV variants in the enduring fleet. These upgrade kits include the underbody improvement kit (UIK), upgraded automatic fire extinguishing systems (AFES), and several safety-related improvements, among others.

“At the end of the day, the M-ATV Reset program will ensure that all of the Soldiers operating in M-ATVs will have fully-capable, mission-ready vehicles with all of the latest protection and technologies,” said Bryant.

Oshkosh was awarded the original M-ATV production contract in June 2009 and remains on contract to provide lifecycle service and support through July 2018.

In addition to M-ATV, Oshkosh has extensive experience providing lifecycle support for its U.S. Army, Marine Corps and National Guard heavy and medium tactical wheeled vehicle fleets. At Oshkosh, these programs span the spectrum of support, from field maintenance and contractor logistics support to technology upgrades and full recapitalization programs. As the OEM, Oshkosh’s integrated product support offering helps maximize the capability, reliability and readiness of the U.S. Armed Forces tactical wheeled vehicle fleets – anywhere in the world.

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