Tyco’s Effective Fire Suppression Solutions Offer Maximum Protection

 Tyco Fire Protection Products is exhibiting its diverse portfolio of engineered systems for effective fire suppression at Interschutz 2015. On show in the Engineered Systems Zone of the Tyco City stand is iFLOW, a unique delivery system for inert gas clean agent, and Tyco’s award winning SAPPHIRE suppression system. 

iFLOW combines the proven fire extinguishing properties and environmental benefits of the inert gases with technology to help design engineers overcome challenges in pipe size, venting design and overall installation. The system comprises the iFLOW valve, the iFLOW horizontal check valve, and the matrix container racking system, which work together to provide regulated and effective discharge pressure, eliminating the potential for peak pressure and flow spikes. This controlled flow enables the use of smaller diameter, low pressure piping and reduced pressure relief venting requirements, minimising complexity in piping, and reducing the costs associated with providing pressure venting.

The iFLOW valve regulates flow at nominal pressures of 60 bar (in a 300 bar system) and 40 bar (in a 200 bar system). It eliminates the peak pressure spike associated with conventional orifice systems and achieves 95% of the design concentration within 60 or 120 seconds as required by the standards. The iFLOW check valve connects multiple containers and can eliminate the need for a discharge manifold on certain systems to help minimise installation time. It also serves as a safety device to maintain the integrity of the system by preventing leakage of the agent in the event that containers are removed from the system during maintenance. Complex spaces are addressed with the matrix container racking system, which offers greater flexibility and options for the container layout. This provides architects and design engineers with more choice when systems have to be installed in tight spaces.

SAPPHIRE is a clean agent system, offering a greener and more environmentally-friendly fire protection solution. An extension of Tyco’s award winning SAPPHIRE 25 bar system, the 42 bar variation delivers effective fire suppression in multiple applications, including power generation, POG, marine and data centres.

The system is custom-engineered for 3M™ NOVEC™ 1230 fire protection fluid, a clear agent with negligible global warming potential, zero ozone depletion and is safe for use in occupied areas.* It can deliver a rapid knock-down extinguishant within 10 seconds, which can result in less damage to electronic or other sensitive equipment. This in turn can facilitate a much shorter recovery period. There is also the opportunity for reduced pipe sizes, facilitating reduced installation time, increasing overall cost-effectiveness, and meeting every requirement where space, speed, safety and sustainability are a necessity.

At Tyco Fire Protection Products, we continually strive to seek out new innovations that overcome the challenges faced by our customers, supported by extensive testing and third party certification to ensure compliance with all applicable standards,” says Alan Elder, Director of Engineered systems. “At Interschutz, customers and visitors to the stand will have the opportunity see how our range of suppression solutions can offer numerous benefits and meet their needs in the ‘real’ environment.”

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