Tyco City: Fire Protection Solutions For The Real World At INTERSCHUTZ 2015

Tyco City will be divided into eight zones, each representing a different product group to emphasise the range and versatility of Tyco’s solutions, including:

  • Fire Detection zone: Featuring Tyco’s latest innovation in fire detection technology, ZETTLER PROFILE fire panels
  • Restaurant Systems zone: ANSUL R102 and PIRANHA systems for effective flame knock-down and rapid fire suppression
  • Portables zone: Complete range of Tyco’s portable fire extinguisher technology
  • Gaseous Suppression zone: Tyco’s leading gaseous suppression technology for even the most complex of applications
  • Foam zone: Hazardous environment protection through Tyco’s range of foam monitors
  • Tunnel Fire Protection zone: Tyco’s complete tunnel protection system, TN-25, featuring pipes, valves and sprinklers
  • Bespoke Fire Protection zone: The latest innovations in Tyco’s water-based fire protection, including the RAVEN Studio sprinkler and AquaMist water mist technology
  • Industrial Fire Protection zone: Introducing Tyco’s Duct Deluge System, its new solution in water-based fire protection for corrosive applications.


A key highlight will be augmented reality (AR), which will enable visitors to take an interactive tour of the Tyco City stand. Complemented by graphics and 3D animation, the technology will bring Tyco’s products to life to show how they protect different environments, such as hotels, restaurant kitchens, data centres and tunnels.


On display in the open-air site of the Messegelände Hannover will be the Williams Dependapower water pumping system. Visitors can benefit from a closer look at this robust solution, built to sustain the large volumes and high pressures required when facing major industrial fires. The ZETTLER truck will also make an appearance in the outside demonstration area, featuring the new PROFILE series of fire panels, the company’s latest innovation in fire detection technology.

“Interschutz is a key event in our calendar, and this year we wanted to show the range and scale of our products in an exciting way,” comments Marc Lemberg, Vice President of Strategy and Marketing at Tyco Fire Protection Products. “Tyco is committed to developing innovative fire detection, suppression and protection solutions that benefit from the latest advances in technology to help our customers overcome their application challenges. Through the use of augmented reality we’ve taken a different approach to how we present our leading products and solutions at this year’s exhibition, and the Tyco City will give visitors an immersive and interactive experience in how our systems operate across a wide range of applications. We’re looking forward to welcoming visitors to the Tyco City stand and our outside demonstration area, where our experts will offer unbiased guidance on the most effective fire safety solution for specific application challenges.”


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