Thales Wins £54M Vehicle Sighting System Contract for SCOUT SV Gunnery Sights

Thales is announcing the award of a £54M contract from Lockheed Martin UK Ltd for the supply of its DNGS-T3 Stabilised Day/Night Gunnery Sight for the Production Phase of the UK MoD’s SCOUT Specialist Vehicle (SV) programme, which will be integrated onto the turret at LMUKs facility in Ampthill, Bedfordshire, UK.

245 of the DNGS-T3 sights will be supplied by Thales on the Reconnaissance Variant of the SCOUT SV vehicle. In doing so, it establishes a new benchmark as the premiere ballistics aiming solution for new build or retrofit armoured vehicle programmes around the world.

This 2 axis stabilised sight is fitted with a high performance Thermal (Infra-Red) Camera and Laser Rangefinder, and fully integrated with the vehicle’s digital architecture, DNGS-T3 enables the vehicle’s command team to adopt either a defensive or offensive role as required by the operational scenario.

The Production Phase of the programme will cover a 5 year programme between 2016 and 2021 and all equipment will be built at Thales’ optronics facility in Glasgow, sustaining 40 highly skilled engineering and manufacturing jobs.

The contract follows on from the recent £125M award to Thales from General Dynamics United Kingdom Ltd for the supply of SCOUT SV’s Commander’s Sight and Local Situation Awareness systems to give 360 degree vision for the crew. Both Thales and Lockheed Martin UK are fully committed to supporting General Dynamics UK Ltd in maximizing the long-term operational availability and effectiveness of SCOUT SV for the UK MoD.

“Thales is extremely proud to be chosen as supplier of the Gunner’s Sighting System for the UK MoD’s flagship armoured vehicle programme, SCOUT SV. This follows our selection as supplier of the vehicle’s Commander’s sights. In even the most hostile operational environment, the DNGS-T3 sight, which is already generating customer interest for a wide range of international armoured vehicle programmes, will make a real difference to the prospect of both survival in the battlefield and mission success by enabling the vehicle’s crew to adopt a highly effective defensive or offensive posture”said Victor Chavez, CEO of Thales in the UK.

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