Thales Launches Transcity: Cloud-Ready Range of Ticketing Solutions

 On the UITP – International Public Transport Organisation – Exhibition 2015 in Milan, Thales is proud to launch TransCity™, a cloud-ready range of evolutionary fare collections solutions, destined for public transport systems.

As a natural evolution of Thales’s proven fare collection solutions, TransCity, a web-oriented technology, simplifies both passengers’ journeys and operators’ day-to-day operations. 

With TransCity, Thales redefines the concept of urban travel by providing passengers with a variety of travel passes. Travelers will be able to either swipe their cell phones or contactless bank cards to enter public transportation; or use their contactless travel cards or simply use a traditional ticket. In addition to conventional ticket kiosks and automatic vending machines, payments can be processed on-line or on the go, with smartphones, or through newer technologies such as near-field communications (NFC).

Operators using TransCity will be able to better manage and supervise their network infrastructure, anticipate potential equipment failures, as well as optimizing their maintenance services.  In addition, with Thales’s big data analysis tools, TransCity can help operators monitor critical periods to better accommodate travelers’ needs such as regulating train traffic or entrance-exit configuration.

The TransCity line consists of five elements – customer, card, fare, traffic management, and business analytics – all of which guarantee both operators and passengers the best possible user experience. In addition, its modular architecture allows operators to choose the combination of products that best respond to their specific infrastructure needs.

Present across 5 continents, Thales is a global leader in providing solutions and services for revenue collections systems, notably for public transportation operators. Installed in over 100 cities around the globe, Thales processes over €15 billion worth in transactions every day.


World’s 1st cloud-ready, fare collections solution for public transportation networks.

Payment options available for all levels of technological capability: from contactless passes & bank cards to swiping in with smartphones.

Adaptable, modular range of solutions depending on the specific needs of each infrastructure.

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