Thales launches Fulmar X, a flexible new approach to Unmanned Air Systems

At Farnborough 2016, Thales is launching Fulmar X, a new concept that uses a small, flexible Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) to meet the needs of both military and civil customers in order to suite a wide range of surveillance missions (border surveillance, natural disasters, illegal traffic monitoring…). Fulmar X is a highly reliable solution that delivers exceptional endurance and high-quality aerial intelligence using a small, flexible air platform with low running costs.

Fulmar X_2©Thales

The Fulmar X system’s capabilities are unique, with an endurance over 8 hours and an operating range more than 80 km. Built entirely from carbon fibre composite, the UAV has a 3 m wingspan. It is launched using a catapult and recovered automatically with a net, which can be operated in very confined areas such as a ship or vehicle. The recovery system is available in a number of configurations for quick, easy deployment from a fixed location with no dedicated infrastructure.

The Fulmar X system includes a simple user interface so that personnel can focus on the mission itself. It is highly reliable and easy to maintain, requiring only simple technical support.

The UAV carries a combined EO/IR sensor so that operations can continue into the night. With its modular design, the Fulmar X system can readily be fitted with other equipment such as AIS automatic identification system or Mode 3/C transponder to meet the requirements of each customer and mission.

Fulmar X makes extensive use of off-the-shelf technology to benefit from the latest developments in sensors and engines, while complying with the highest standards of reliability and safety.

Deployed as a stand-alone system or fully integrated to wider surveillance systems, Fulmar X is designed to share its intelligence. Easy to deploy and maintain, the Fulmar X delivers high performance for a wide range of missions, whilst maintaining low operating costs, making it a very cost-effective UAV solution.

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