Textron Systems Solutions: To Meet the Needs of Today’s Concerns around the Globe

Textron Systems continues to bring the best advanced solutions to its growing roster of customers in the MENA region and worldwide. With its wide range of surveillance systems, armored vehicles, unmanned systems, and other solutions, the company seeks to meet the needs of all its customers taking in consideration their security concerns and military interests.

In that context, SDArabia held a special interview with Textron International Inc. Vice President Middle East region, Col. US Marine Corps (Ret( Jay L. Huston, who updated us on the company’s latest activities in the Middle East region.

“We have an ongoing relationship with the MENA region that is important to us. The exhibitions held in this area, such as Dubai Air show, give us a chance to be engaged with our customers so we can find out what’s going on in their particular region and discuss their security concerns. Obviously, with all what’s happening in the region right now, there’s a lot of interest in the solutions we produce; we provide a wide range of capabilities that can meet the needs of today’s concerns around the globe”, said Col. Huston, who added that “the company wants to make sure it gives the customers the demands they need”.

He explained: “The relationship we share with the MENA region is outstanding; we have a shared office in Abu Dhabi that we opened during IDEX 2015 exhibition. We really seek to help our friends and allies here to keep the security and stability in the region, so whatever we can do to help complement that, we are”.

Col. Huston continued: “We go to our customers, sit with them and discuss the threats they are facing in the region”.

When asked about Textron Systems latest technologies, the vice president commented: “We have a lot of capabilities, from armored vehicles to precision weapons. One of our latest technologies is the G-CLAW lightweight precision weapon that is going through its final testing phase”, noting that “The system hasn’t come to the market yet”.

He added: “Because of the accuracy of the weapon, it can easily strike objects or vehicles. The G-CLAW has a striking capability with a low collateral damage and an affordable price. We are also working on the integration of the system on a hellfire rack, and we can put three systems on a single rack”.

The G-CLAW is a lightweight precision guided glide weapon with a scalable blast fragmenting warhead designed to be highly effective against vehicle and personnel targets. It can be integrated onto an array of aircraft including Class IV Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, light attack aircraft – including Textron Aviation’s Beechcraft AT-6 and Textron AirLand’s Scorpion – and converted commercial aircraft, such as a Cessna Caravan, from standard rack dispensers.

Col. Huston concluded that “Shows like Dubai Air attract a lot of people from the region and around the globe, and we consider it a huge opportunity to come and speak to our customers regarding our latest technologies and services, while discussing both the commercial and military sides on one platform”. 

Textron International Inc. Vice President Middle East region, Col. US Marine Corps (Ret( Jay L. Huston

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