“Team Oshkosh-Hanwha” awarded contract to compete for US Army’s OMFV vehicle concept design

The Oshkosh-Hanwha team has been selected as one of the five contenders for the Concept Design Phase of the US Army’s Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) program tasked to replace the M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

The OMFV second phase award was announced on July 23 by the US Army Contracting Command – Detroit Arsenal (ACC-DTA), paving the way for a 15-month-long program of work by selected contenders to make digital concept designs for the OMFV.

Oshkosh Defense and Hanwha Defense signed a teaming agreement in March to form a consortium and submitted a bid for the concept design phase of the OMFV program aimed at replacing some 3,500 M2 Bradley vehicles that have been service since 1981.

The Oshkosh Defense consortium also includes Pratt Miller, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, QinetiQ Inc., and Plasan.

The OMFV program takes a five-phased approach to design, prototype, test and produce the vehicle with the aim of producing a transformational infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) that will dominate maneuver in multi-domain operations.

Following the second phase contracts, the selected consortiums are set to take part in another open competition in the second quarter of fiscal year 2022 for the next phases of detailed design and prototype, with a contract announcement for the winning bidder due in late 2027.

To gear up for upcoming contests, Hanwha Defense established an American corporation _ Hanwha Defense USA _ in May and is in the process of recruiting local engineers and experts on IFV capabilities. 

“Hanwha Defense USA is honored to be supporting the Oshkosh Defense consortium in our selection for the OMFV Phase 2 contract. The partnership brings Hanwha’s extensive, tracked combat vehicle experience, to both the Oshkosh consortium and the US Army,” said John Kelly, head of Hanwha Defense USA. “In addition, Hanwha will create high value US design and manufacturing jobs in support of the OMFV contract.”

The Oshkosh-Hanwha team is to offer an up-to-date OMFV design based on the chassis of the Redback IFV developed by Hanwha Defense. The Redback is one of two contenders for the LAND 400 Phase 3 project designed to introduce next-generation tracked armored IFVs for the Australian Army.

Three prototypes of the Redback are now undergoing tests and evaluations for the Commonwealth’s Risk Mitigation Activity that will be concluded in October. One of the prototypes is scheduled to be shipped back home early next year to be trialed by the South Korean Army.

“It is with great pride that the Oshkosh-Hanwha team has been down-selected for the OMFV phase 2 contest, and we’re fully committed to developing a next-generation infantry fighting vehicle for the US Army,” said Son Jae-il, President & CEO of Hanwha Defense. “Hanwha Defense shares Oshkosh’s demonstrated passion for quality and responsiveness to the customer, and I firmly believe our team will offer the best solution for the OMFV program based on our advanced technologies and knowhow accrued through the development and production of military combat vehicles.”

A defense business arm of Hanwha Group, Hanwha Defense is the leading wheeled and tracked combat vehicle and weapons systems developer in South Korea with a half century of accumulated experience, advanced capabilities and technology in multiple proven direct and indirect fire solutions.

Hanwha Defense has produced and delivered over 8,500 cutting-edge combat vehicles to South Korea and numerous countries, including Malaysia, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Poland, Turkey and India

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