Tawazun Economic Council Hosts 7th Defence Contractors Meeting

Tawazun Economic Council (Tawazun) hosted on the 11th of September, its 7th annual Defence Contractors Council (DCC) meeting in London, mainly featuring successful partnerships and potential opportunities and projects.

The meeting was attended by representatives from international defence companies, key industry players and other Tawazun partners.

Since its establishment in 1992, Tawazun has become a centre of excellence in the development and fast-track execution of new and diverse commercial projects.

“The Defense Contractors Council is an ideal forum to bring together industry experts to discuss the latest trends and developments within the industry. The defense sector in the UAE holds vast opportunities for growth and expansion with a potential for lucrative returns and long-term strategic partnerships. The DCC is one of many means by which Tawazun strives to enable the industry and create a specialized environment for partnerships to thrive in”, commented Tareq Abdul Raheem Al Hosani, CEO of Tawazun Economic Council.

Matar Ali Al Romaithi, Chief Officer, Industrial Development Unit of the Tawazun Economic Council, said: “Our annual Defence Contractors Council meeting seeks creating new opportunities and developing tomorrow’s capabilities, in addition to overlooking potential ventures and exploring ways of development.”

The meeting highlighted 25 years of success and centered its focus on emerging defence technologies and the rising demand in the offsets sector. Further, the meeting was a platform in sharing all learned lessons from past experiences and how to invest in projects that would ensure sustainability in future. The meeting also covered the success stories and proposals of defence companies and the way forward toward establishing strategic partnerships. Defence Contractors Council has facilitated networking amongst potential local partners and defence companies worldwide, created opportunities for partnerships, exchanged potential project ideas and highlighted and monitored the performance of projects implemented under the programme.

The Defence Contractors Council was created to generate an ongoing open dialogue among defence companies and Tawazun Economic Council. It provides a forum to share views, highlight ways for improvement and strengthen overall transparency among the Council and its members.

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