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The axis of evil – Common exercise between Pakistan, Turkey and Azerbaijan-Pakistan displays its Turkey supplied Bayraktar-TB2s during Air Force exercise

Andreas Mountzouroulias Turkey said Friday it has carried out a joint military exercise with five countries in the capital Ankara. Azerbaijan, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan participated in the military drill called Eternal Fraternity-I United Special Forces Military Exercise, the National Defense Ministry said in a statement. “The most distinguished …

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The Underestimated Military Power of Turkey in Africa

Dalia Ziada Whenever the phrase “military diplomacy” is used, in the Middle East region, most likely you will find the name of Turkey next to it. Since the founding of the Turkish Republic, in 1923, the successive Turkish political leaderships have grown pretty skilled in manipulating various tools of military …

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The Military Jet Between Turkey and the United States

Dalia Ziada The United States and Turkey have a long history of effective military cooperation that extends to at least seventy years. It started in 1952 when Turkey was admitted as a NATO ally, and solidified over the decades of US-Russia Cold War, especially in the 1970s. However, this lengthy …

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How to Avoid Another Hot Summer in the Mediterranean?

Dalia Ziada Despite decades of failure talks and negotiations, the Turkish and Greek neighbors have no other option but diplomacy to solve their decades-long dispute. Last week, on May 26-27, Turkey and Greece virtually held a confidence-building meeting. Meanwhile, Turkish and Greek experts met, on May 25-28, in the Turkish …

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The U.S. is Sanctioning itself by Sanctioning Turkey

S-400 defense system

Dalia Ziada American President Trump calls Turkish President Erdogan “a friend.” Turkey is a NATO ally since 1952, and the Turkish Armed Forces is the second largest standing military force in NATO, after the United States. Yet, the Trump administration did not spare an effort to pressure and control the …

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TURKEY and PHILIPPINES’ new defense project is from FNSS

Under the contract signed between FNSS and Department of National Defense (DND), Philippines which entered into force in August 2020, FNSS will provide stabilized one-man turrets production, integration and logistics support services to the Philippine Army. It is planned that the turrets will be integrated to the vehicles in October …

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Turkey’s Aselsan signs $38.8M export deals

A Bayraktar TB2 drone is equipped with ASELSAN's electro-optic reconnaissance, surveillance and targeting system CATS, Tekirdağ, northwestern Turkey, Nov. 6, 2020. (AA Photo)

Turkish defense systems manufacturer Aselsan Elektronik said on Thursday it has signed three export deals worth a total of $38.8 million (32.8 million euro) with an undisclosed international client for the supply of electro-optics and communication systems. Under the terms of the export contracts, deliveries will be made between 2021 and 2022, …

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