Sony works with 30 industry leading companies to promote IP Live Production System

Sony’s IP Live Production System is now supported by 30 industry-leading companies. The new AV over IP interface delivers low latency and noise-free switching of HD and 4K video, audio, and metadata, as part of an IP-based network.

The IP Live Production System packetizes video, audio, and metadata, enabling real-time transmission between video-production products via standard network infrastructures. This technology further enhances Sony’s IP Live Production system by increasing efficiency and reducing cost for live studio broadcasts and sports production.

To enable the deployment of related products, Sony plans to start a license program to provide technical specifications. Several development tools will also be available: an LSI module from Sony at the end of year, Xilinx will release FPGA IP cores in support of Sony’s IP Live Production system around the end of 2015, and Altera is working in close partnership with Sony in support of and development of this IP.

IP Live Production System
The new IP Live Production System combines the latest IP network technologies with a current SDI standard interface to support any resolution of video transmission. While conventional systems require multiple different types of cables to carry various signal types (video, audio, reference, metadata and control data), the IP Live Production System requires only a single standard network cable passing through conventional network switches.

Sony has combined unique new technology with already established standards to achieve reliable, scalable and stable transmission. This new solution supports direct connection of multiple types of production devices onto the IP network via an existing Layer-3 IP switch infrastructure. Furthermore, it enables simultaneous transmission to multiple points and real time noise-free source switching, handling SD, HD and 4K video resolutions together.

The new IP Live Production system is designed to be flexible and scalable, since users have the ability to migrate to greater numbers of devices and higher video resolutions including HD to 4K over time.

Contribution to Interoperability
Sony is contributing to the industry’s standardization activities securing interoperability of Video over IP interface.

In addition, Sony has developed Low Latency Video Codec (LLVC), which enables 4K 60p transmission over 10 Gbps Ethernet, and plans to submit SMPTE Registered Disclosure Document (RDD) shortly, aiming interoperability among the entire industry.

IP Live Production System supporters
As of today, 30 leading companies have expressed support to Sony’s IP Live Production System:
Altera Corporation, Abekas, Advantech, Aperi Corporation, Audinate, AVerMedia Technologies, Inc., ChyronHego, Cisco Systems, Crystal Vision Ltd, DELTACAST, Embrionix Design inc., Evertz, EVS Broadcast Equipment, eyevis, Fuyoh Video Industry, Harmonic, Imagine Communications, Juniper Networks, Leader Electronics Corporation, L-S-B Broadcast Technologies, Macnica Americas, Matrox Electronics Systems, Orad Hi-Tec Systems, Quantel and Snell, Rohde & Schwarz DVS, SDNsquare, Tektronix, Inc., Utah Scientific, Vizrt and Xilinx.

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